hair powder now comes in neon - we’ve got the first test.

by faran krentcil

Stylist Kevin Murphy is something of a smartypants. After seeing models like Charlotte Free (and everyone at Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott) rocking Kool Aid hair on the runway, he realized there needed to be a way for models to get the look on-set, without having to commit to a Bleach London session - or even commit to keeping the color for more than twelve hours.

Murphy noted the efficiency of hair powder for both holding hairstyles in place and easing un-dyed roots into a temporary state of color, and he had a brilliant idea:  Make hair powder with a neon pigment that's strong enough to show in someone's hair, but loose enough to rinse out with basic shampoo.

His invention is called Color.Bug and it's a plastic case about the size of a tennis ball.  Pop it open and drag the powder cake inside across your hair.  Wash your hands, give your bangs a quick fluff, and you're done.  Application took less than five minutes, and all the testers involved - interns Elysia Berman and Emily Alben, music marketing director Sarah Lewitinn, and me - got the color they were expecting.

If you want to dip your toes into the rainbow hair trend without actually dip-dying your ends, we can't recommend this enough.

Find a Color.Bug store at  Kevin Murphy's website