dylan reyonlds “young & set”

There isn’t a better song for today…

by Josh Madden

Dylan Reyonlds "Young & Set"

I stumbled across this track from Pittsburgh-born singer songwriter Dylan Reynolds yesterday and I've been listening ever since. Well, to be honest, I've been listening to the three tracks on this Soundcloud incessantly, but this "Young & Set" track is a bonafide smash.

I don't know much about this dude, from the looks of his Facebook and social media, he's friends with Mac Miller and that's pretty cool--I like Mac, he's a good dude. But for real, you can't listen to this track just once...and hey, it's Valentine's Day. Is there a better day to discover a little love jam?

I promise you right now I'm going to get in touch with Dylan and get him to put out every bit of music he has, but until then, you can listen to his soundcloud 


and bug him on Twitter 


. This is my favorite thing I've heard in a while.