early bird

watch the new felicity jones movie albatross a week before it hits theaters!

by liza darwin

British actress Felicity Jones first won us over in last year's romantic drama Like Crazy (it was so good, she even scored a slot in our top performances of 2011). Next the 28-year-old ingenue stars in the coming-of-age U.K. movie Albatross with Sebastian Koch and Julia Ormand. Jones is Beth, an obedient teenager who's forced to deal with the awkward consequences when she finds out her new friend Emelia isn't all she seems.

It's quirky, fun, and the best excuse we can think of for a lazy weekend in bed. The film comes to theaters stateside next Friday, but you can rent it on iTunes a full week early. A bonus: at only $6.99, you'll still have money left over for popcorn.

Rent it for $6.99 here.