16 Early Winter Boots That You Will Want To Wear Right Now

    Look cute, slip less

    by · November 16, 2016

    As the rain starts to freeze into flurries and wet pavement turns into slick, black ice, we need to find stylish boots that will help us deal with early winter weather—and, obviously, still look cute.

    Since we probably won’t expect a full-on blizzard for another few months (though, with climate change, who knows?), it’s not yet time for us to bust out the industrial-strength snow boots we keep hidden in the very depths of our closets. So what is one to do? Or, rather, wear?

    To help you solve your wardrobe dilemmas, we rounded up 16 weather-appropriate boots that’ll get you through winter’s earliest days. Bonus? They’ll still pair well with a sweater dress and tights, thanks to heavy-traction soles and (semi-) indestructible materials. We’ll be slipping less, and arrive at our offices with dry feet. What’s not to like?

    Click through the gallery below to check ’em out.

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