How To Eat Healthy On Campus And Dodge The Freshman 15

    Put down the french fries

    by Jenna Igneri · August 24, 2016

    If you’re about to be a freshman in college, chances are you’re dying of excitement to finally experience the freedom of living on your own. No parents, no (…okay, less) rules, no curfew, and, more importantly, the chance to prove that you’re the responsible young adult you always knew you could be.

    Along with these newfound freedoms, however, comes the ability to eat pizza and french fries for dinner every night. While that may sound delicious, it isn’t exactly practical (or good for you). We’ve all heard of, and some even experienced firsthand, the dreaded Freshman 15—but fear not, it’s actually very avoidable.

    Navigating the dining halls and learning to cook on your own (you know, out of a mini fridge and microwave) can prove to be a challenge, especially without the access to the healthy groceries you maybe took for granted at your parents’ house, but with the right knowledge, you can eat learn to make healthy food choices no matter what you’re working with.

    We turned to nutritionist Rachel Paul, MS, RD, CDN, founder of The College Nutritionist, for some expert advice on how to eat and stay healthy in college. She outlined the basics on how to navigate the dining hall, the best snacks to keep in your dorm room, and other tips and hacks for healthy campus eating.

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