editor’s pick: cut and paste

when your favorite collage becomes a printed dress

Think back to when you spent your weekends in your room with the door shut, music up as loud as possible, surrounded by all of your recent issues of your favorite magazines (okay, so maybe that just happened this past weekend).

You'd flip through stacks and stacks of glossy paper until you found the perfect thing, whether it was an ocean scene, the ultimate font, or a pair of shoes that looked a lot more like art than something you'd put on your feet. Then, you'd whip out the scissors and glue stick and create an awesome collage for your wall, your binder cover, for your best friend's handmade birthday card, or in this case, for a skater dress?

No, seriously--this awesome new halter-tie-top skater dress from WhoCaresNYC evokes the same feelings your hand-crafted collages did back in the day. This piece comes with everything you ever wanted (roller skates, money, cherries, a pharoah) in a Lisa Frank-style montage of neon hues, that matches with literally everything (go ahead and try it by scooping it up in the NYLON Shop right here).

In honor of the awesome print, I've pulled some of my favorite collages from NYLON fan mail and put them in the gallery! Go check it out!

Art by Robyn Johnson

Art by Kaitlyn Perry

Art by Grace Baird

Art by Brittney Moore

Art by Sydney Barton

Art by Stephanie Rodriguez

Art by Sara Hanken

Art by Emma Frieh

Art by Claudine Julien

Art by Carey Mattox