editor’s pick: doing daisies

because they look good on everything.

There's a reason I named my first pet Daisy. We went to go pick her up from the shelter when I was nine years old, and we drove by an entire field of daisies. I thought they were so cute that they'd be the perfect name for a new puppy.

Since then, I've realized that daisies are pretty much perfect for everything--especially on this rad crop-top by Syd and Mallory. You can get the look right here in the NYLON Shop and pair it with a skater skirt, wear it over a bathing suit, or hook it up with my go-to pant, the high-waisted jean.

Then, check out the gallery to see just how versatile the timeless, retro-inspired flower is.

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They make the perfect flower crown.

They're the perfect name for an iconic, classic character.

They're the perfect petal to grace your fingertips.

They add some retro flare to your lady parts.

They're the perfect muse for Andy Warhol.

They're the ultimate summer shorts style inspired by a vintage babe.

They're really good at turning raindrops into something way happier.

There's no better name for an English fashion model.

They make the perfect fragrance.

They're the perfect thing to keep other ladies occupied with instead of them being focused on stealing your man--because, girl, you can pick a field full of daisies, but he's still gonna be my baby.

They even work on camo.

They're the best flower for a floral shoe print.