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the junk food nail decals we can’t get enough of.

Love pizza but can't commit to getting it tattooed on your body forever? Don't worry, that day may come--but until then, I've got the best placeholder ever and it comes in the form of junk food nail art. These seriously cute Junk Food Nail Decals by DIY Nails come in burger, pretzel, hot dog, and pizza icons, so you can have your favorite junk food without always having to eat it, too (although we're totally OK with that).

To celebrate the fact that you can wear 10 little pizzas on your nails whenever you want, I've created a gallery of my favorite moments with my favorite junk foods.

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photo via @nylonmag on instagram

That time NYLON overloaded on Chicago Dogs at Shake Shack and it totally ruled.

That time the entire cast of Grease at burgers and shakes at the diner.

photo via @emmaroberts on instagram

That time Emma Roberts went to In'N'Out Burger before she went to the Golden Globes.

That time Macaulay Culkin decided he should start a band dedicated to pizza when he grew up.

That time Mia Thermopolis said "Sorry" to Michael Moscovitz with an M&M pizza in The Princess Diaries.