get your hands on illamasqua’s new nail colors- now.

by liza darwin

We already know that Illamasqua packs major color punch into its eyeshadows, liners, and blush, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the Brit beauty brand's "more is more" philosophy also holds true for its collection of nail varnishes.

Exclusive to Sephora, this rainbow range includes dozens of shades like "Collide," a bright neon pink, "Jo'Mina," a grape-magenta, and our favorite, "Muse," a deep teal from the latest collection.

Here's what we found from our test-drive this week. Unlike many times, where the hue on your hand is more watered-down and dull than what's in the bottle, these lacquers were just as glossy, rich, and bold as we'd hoped. This quality makes hard-to-pull-off statement shades like electric yellow or a bright lilac look surprisingly chic.

At $14 each, they're a little more pricey than the bottles you can find at the drugstore. But since one coat is really all you need (impressive!), this is one long-lasting beauty investment that won't leave you empty handed.

Buy the collection at Sephora.