beauty queen: elizabeth olsen

hollywood ingenue makeup is easier than you think.

by liza darwin

Choosing a favorite Olsen is sort of like only picking one piece from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection or stopping after one piece of candy. It's sort of impossible. But luckily, nobody's saying you have to play favorites-- especially not when the youngest sis Elizabeth turns up at this week's premiere of Oldboy looking like this. 

Besides the fact that the 24-year-old actress immediately gave us enough cool girl holiday dressing inspiration to last us all season long (metallic blazers for the win!), she also schooled us in perfect holiday ingenue beauty. Defined cheekbones? Check. A peachy smokey eye that's subtle enough for work? Yes. A pinky-nude lip? Got it. If there's one thing we know, it's that the Olsens are complete pros at making everything look effortless. So take a page from Lizzie's makeup book and see how to copy it yourself below. 

DEFINE IT: Covergirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush, $5.39

Speaking from experience here--as someone who's paler than pale, blush becomes way more important in the wintertime (mostly so you don't reach vampire status). In addition to perking up her face, though, Olsen used her blush to make her cheekbones ultra-defined. Whether or not you're born with supermodel bone structure, at least you can fake it with this (affordable!) three-in-one blush. Sucking in ever so slightly, blend the darker color in the hollow part of the cheek; then use a blush brush to blend the medium color on the actual cheekbone, moving upward and back down in a "7" shape. Finally, take the lightest cover and blend on top for a highlighter effect. 

PEACH IT: Dior Mono Eyeshadow in Grege, $29 

Copy Olsen's peachy shimmer by sweeping a pink-beige shimmer all over your lid with an eyeshadow brush. She might've worn it to a movie premiere, but it works just as well for the office, for class... hey, even just hanging out at home.

BLEND IT: Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Balm in Caramel, $17

Finish everything with a neutral pink lip. We love this one because not only does it look great (it goes on smooth with enough shine to keep things from looking too "done") but it almost prevents your mouth from getting too chapped or dry. Consider it your new seasonal MVP.