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    by · July 04, 2016

    Photographed by Gigi Ben Artzi

    Elle Sasson comes from a family that has always done things their way. Her father, Maurice Sasson, started building his own empire from scratch with Sasson Jeans back in the mid-70s. Mind you, prior to this, he had no experience in sewing, pattern-making, or sketching. “He decided to go to the flea market, get a bunch of old denim jeans, and remake them into new garments. These turned out to be the very first pairs of Sasson Jeans,” says Elle. “He always says that anything is possible if you have the fire and passion in you, and I think this is the most valuable thing I have learnt from him.”

    With that in mind, Elle is somewhat following in her father’s footsteps. Since 2014, she has been operating a business under her own name. Up until this point, her brand has mainly been focused on producing fun, resort wear with colorful prints. So for her next collection, Elle wanted to change things up.
    Photo courtesy of Elle Sasson

    Photographed by Gigi Ben Artzi

    Inspired by the edgy vibe of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, the line includes leather jackets, denim, knits, and handbags. As per usual, every piece is chic and can be easily be worn from day to nighttime. “Of course, I wasn’t going to give up on specialty pieces such as hand-beaded and hand-painted silks and cottons,” she says of the collection.
    Another special element of the Fall 2016 collection is that Elle decided to partner with Cipriana and Takenya “TK” Quann. We introduced you to the identical twin sisters a few months ago, and they haven’t stopped putting in work and diving deeper into the world of fashion since then. In addition to being the faces of the line, the sisters also served as creative directors.
    On collaborating with the twins, Elle says that she was initially drawn to their signature ’70s-influenced style. What really sealed the deal though was their sense of authenticity—a trait that unsurprisingly Elle strongly values.
    Photo courtesy of Elle Sasson

    Photographed by Gigi Ben Artzi

    Elle’s concept for the lookbook was to “capture a more urban feel, and focus on the drape of the clothes and the confidence while wearing them.” Cipriana and TK kept this vision in mind while maintaining “a copacetic vibe” between their direction and Elle’s without compromising their individual styles.

    “Creative freedom as an artist, in any field, is extremely important in the work we do,” says Cipriana. “To showcase an accurate and personal touch regarding our sense of style to the Elle Sasson lookbook is what makes what we do enjoyable and interesting.

    In terms of creative directing, TK says that their mutual goal was to “combine the beautiful simplicity of the collection with a pop of something very different.” As an example, she mentions how one of the looks includes a pair of unexpected pom-pom sandals.

    Photo courtesy of Elle Sasson

    TK’s favorite pieces from the collection include the black pants-and-top set with cutouts and accented drawstrings, as well as the fringe jackets. Cipriana, on the other hand, is obsessed with the denim fringe bags, and describes them as “truly something dreams are made from.”

    “We always like to think of ourselves as collaborators, and that is a culmination of the above which is something we thoroughly enjoy,” says TK. “We are flattered that they trust our aesthetic, and we enjoy that side of the industry.”

    When asked about what sets Elle apart from other designers, TK points to the “beautiful simplicity with a flair for unique in accented details.” Cipriana agrees, adding that “they have a very relaxed yet beautiful simplicity to their collection that subtlety commands attention through details and tailoring.” We can’t wait to shop the line come fall.

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