Emilia Clarke Goes Full Valley Girl

and it’s amazing

by jenny lee

It looks like even the Mother of Dragons isn't above doing the Valley Girl accent. Emilia Clarke, who plays the majestic Khaleesi on Game of Thrones and stars in the upcoming Terminator Genisys, amazed everyone last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a Valley Girl accent that would blow Cher Horowitz out of the water.

Clarke recounted the story of a late-night outing to Home Depot to buy an air-conditioner. Not wanting to be recognized, she shared that she decided to use an American accent, which naturally prompted Jimmy Kimmel to ask for a little snippet. Clarke then went full-on "Cali from the Valley," her Valley Girl alter-ego, following it up with, "She's like, this whole situation. It's amazing."

Anyone who has watched Clueless would be amazed by how incredibly Clarke captured the Valley Girl spirit, with the multiple "like"s and the drawn-out vocal fry. When asked if she had based the accent on someone she knew, Clarke responded perfectly: "I, like, love Clueless."

All hail Khaleesi.