Emily Ratajkowski Entourage

emily ratajkowski goes hollywood, plus watch lily allen’s new video!

by liza darwin

Emily Ratajkowski is proving to everyone that she's so much more than *that* girl from the Robin Thicke video. Hot on the heels of her Gone Girl role (she'll play Ben Affleck's mistress in the David Fincher film), the model has announced she's landed a part in the Entourage movie. (VOGUE)

We know it's early to call, but Lily Allen's new single below just might be this weekend's anthem. Watch the video below to see for yourself....Oh, and get ready for some serious hair envy. (Pitchfork)

Google Earth meets your apartment? Dutch design project Consider This Landscape a Territory has taken real-life Google maps imagery and transformed it into rugs. Starting with a screenshot of the location, each handmade piece is extremely intricate and obviously one-of-a-kind. So awesome. (Oyster)

Because you can never have too many Divergent sneak peeks in your life, watch this new clip from the movie here. Shailene Woodley, you're a badass. (YouTube)

For the latest "3 Artists, 1 Song" installment, Converse recruited Frank Ocean, Diplo, and the Clash's Mick Jones, Paul Simonon for the reggae-inflected "Hero." Listen below, and get it here FREE! (Converse

National Oreo Day might be over, but we're still celebrating with these delicious fried concoctions. You want in? (NYLON Guys