Emma Roberts Delirium

stream emma roberts’ new tv show, plus more.

by liza darwin

Emma Roberts has a new TV show! And even better, the pilot is streaming on Hulu starting next Friday. Roberts stars in Delirium, based on Lauren Oliver’s Young Adult dystopian novel. Watch the trailer below, then get ready to get hooked on the first episode in T-1 week. (TV Line)

The best person to show us all how to get Alexa Chung makeup is Alexa Chung herself. Duh, right? So it makes perfect sense, then, that the Londoner gives a step-by-step guide to Alexa-approved beauty in this video for Lisa Eldrige. The perfect cat-eye, this way! (Grazia)

If you're in need of a Friday morning jam, Kimbra's got the answer. The New Zealand singer is back with the soulful, psychedelic track "Love In High Places," and we're obsessed.  (Idolator)

Every.single.thing. you need to know about next season of American Horror Story: Freak Show--including details on Sarah Paulson's new two-headed character--you can find right here. Double the Sarah Paulson, double the fun?! (Hollywood Life)

Ryan McGinley's commencement speech for Parsons wasn't only chock-full of photography tips, although there were definitely plenty of those. The New York artist also gave generally rad life advice in general, including the importance of finding something you're obsessed with and turning it into a career. (Oyster