Emma Watson Already Has Some Ideas For ‘Beauty And The Beast 2’

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by Lisa Eppich

Emma Watson, our modern-day Belle who loves taking on the patriarchy as much as she loves books, already has a few ideas in mind for the Disney heroine's future just in case there's a Beauty and the Beast 2. In a red carpet interview with Access Hollywood, Watson says she's found the staggering success of the film to be "completely insane," and had no idea that fans were already clamoring for a sequel. Of course, the actress noted she'd love to reprise her role and said, "I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village." Although that's not exactly enough to make a whole new movie around, it's a future we can envision for Belle, and with Watson involved we're confident that the character would remain one with depth, independence, and agency.

As it turns out, Disney has already been mulling ideas for a prequel or spinoff of the film, though it's still far too early to tell if it'll actually happen. Even though Beauty and the Beast has already earned over $1.1 billion dollars (and counting), history has shown that lightning doesn't always strike twice (ahem, Alice Through the Looking Glass). Still, another film would give more opportunity to explore Belle as a character and maybe even cement her as a feminist role model for a new generation of young girls, an initiative which Watson has always been extremely vocal about despite societal pressure against female heroes.

Check out Watson's comments below and let us know—what's your idea for Beauty and the Beast 2?

(Via Collider)