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be jeweled

we need to talk about emma watson’s hair gems.

by steff yotka

We're not going to say we called it...but, we called it.

Way back in September we predicted that hair jewels were about to make a serious comeback for spring, and just yesterday Emma Watson strolled onto the red carpet at the London premiere of Noah wearing--what else?!--hair gems tucked into her oh-so-'90s updo. 

As you've probably seen, Watson has been experimenting with some serious fashion choices since starting to work with her new stylist, Sarah Slutsky, like that Dior dress-and-pants combo she sported at the Golden Globes and her newfound penchant for wearing just one earring. Hair jewels, though, might just be our favorite trend that the duo is bringing back since it combines both a sense of timeliness (see: Honor spring '14 runway) and just the right abut of throwback nostalgia. 

Check out her awesome hairstyle (and Ralph Lauren Collection dress) in the gallery while you search through your drawing looking for those hair gems you bought in 2001.