Empire Records Facts

10 things you don’t already know about empire records.

by rachel perlman

It's Rex Manning Day and we're ready to celebrate! Rex might not be a real guy, but he is the perfect excuse to reminisce about the ultimate '90s flick

Empire Records

. Before you give yourself a therapeutic buzz cut, try to seduce Rex Manning himself, or raise the $9000 you gambled away in Atlantic City, find out what you didn't already know about the cult-favorite below.

1) Even though only a clip is shown in the film, there is a full length music video for Rex Manning's "Say No More, Mon Amour" you need to see. Watch it here!

2) Coyote Shivers was Liv Tyler's costar and stepfather during shooting, since he was married to Tyler's mother Bebe Buell.

3) A young Tobey McGuire was supposed to play a boy named Andre, but his scenes were deleted.

4) The movie was written by a former employee of Tower Records, so he totally knew what it was like to have the coolest job ever.

5) Renee Zellweger's raspy rendition of "Sugarhigh" is not included in the soundtrack.

6) The story was supposed to take place over two days, but it was cut down to the fateful, Rex Manning-approved April 8th.

7) After shaving her head, Robin Tunney had to wear a wig in her next film

The Craft.

8) Rory Cochrane also starred in

Dazed and Confused,

which is referenced with a sign near the register that says "Have A Nice Daze" and a logo from the film.

9) Ethan Embry actually ate "special" brownies in the classic Gwar scene since it was the last day of shooting.

10) Writer Carol Heikkinen really knows how to write about teenagers-- she's also behind the classic

Center Stage


Alright, now that we've prepped you... go ahead and have a dance party on your roof a la the final scene! Rex Manning Day only happens once a year, so better cap it off right.