17 Engagement Rings For The Alternative Bride

These are anything but traditional

Nowadays, brides aren’t necessarily interested in the traditional when it comes to their big day. A white dress? A tulle veil? Those are becoming less and less of the norm, with fewer run-of-the-mill ideas taking the lead. Not surprisingly, the same can be said when it comes to any pre-nuptial events, such as picking an engagement ring.

The once-popular platinum and diamond setting is now being outshined by more off-kilter styles. Opal and rutilated quartz replace clear diamonds, while everything from arcs and triangles to door knocker shapes make for more of a conversation piece than your typical ring.

For those of us that dream of something out of the ordinary, we rounded up 17 engagement rings that are anything but typical. And don’t worry—we included options for every price point (because not everyone wants to break the bank in order to pop the question; some want a venue to actually tie the knot at).

Click through below to check out our top picks for the unconventional bride.

Photo courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield, Bea Arrow Ring With Blacked Rutilated Quartz And Black Diamonds, $1350, available at Anna Sheffield.

Photo courtesy of Bliss Lau

Bliss Lau, Minimalist Arc Ring, $2,190, available at Bliss Lau.

Photo courtesy of Wendy Nichol

Wendy Nichol, 4MM Bondage Ring With Micro Pave Knocker, $1495, available at Wendy Nichol.

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic

Carrie Elizabeth, Rose Gold And Diamond Triangle Ring, $210, available at Local Eclectic.

Photo courtesy of Meadowlark

Meadowlark, Empire Ring In Sterling Silver With Midnight Sapphire, $429, available at Meadowlark.

Photo courtesy of Morphe Jewelry

Morphe Jewelry, Pearl Winter Waltz Ring, $820, available at Morphe Jewelry.

Photo courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Jennie Kwon, Opal Spear Ring, $525, available at Jennie Kwon.

Photo courtesy of Amarilo

Amarilo, Monroe Baguette Ring Fine, $430, available at Amarilo.

Photo courtesy of Tara 4779

Tara 4779, Arc Ring With Diamond, $195, available at Tara `4779.

Photo courtesy of Mociun

Mociun, Deco Baguette Ring, $2800, available at Mociun.

Photo courtesy of Catbird

Erica Weiner, Machine Age Ring, $1500, available at Catbird.

Photo courtesy of Pamela Love

Pamela Love, Luna Ring, $2,800, available at Pamela Love.

Photo courtesy of MANIAMANIA

MANIAMANIA, Devotion Solitaire Ring, $1800, available at MANIAMANIA.

Photo courtesy of Wwake

Wwake, Three-Step Diamond Triangle Ring, $545, available at Wwake.

Photo courtesy of Digby & Iona

Digby & Iona, Marquis Raziel, $2120, available at Digby & Iona.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming, 14k Beacen Ring, $475, available at Laurie Fleming.

Photo courtesy of Open House Project

Open House Project, Trapped Gem Ring, $253, available at Open House Project.