We Learned So Much Playing MASH with Eric Andre

Eric Andre is usually the one asking the questions.more

As the host of his eponymous, hilarious Adult Swim series, the actor and comedian plays an inept, often confrontational talk show host. In real life, he's much more pleasant, and he recently sat down with NYLON digital director Leila Brillson to play some MASH—that childhood game wherein you predict your future mating and habitation patterns—and dish about the third season of his show.

Among the revelations: Andre wanted to be a magician at the age of 4 and a rock star at 13. Also: He deems Cindy Crawford, Grace Jones, and, um, Matt Lauer as MASH-worthy mates.

Asked what he'd tell youngsters who watch this season of The Eric Andre Show, see him interviewing folks like Seth Rogen and Chris Rock, and decide that they, too, would like to pursue a career in showbiz, he offers some true words of wisdom.

"Go into the woods and eat acid," he says. "And see what happens."