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Essie Is Here To Make Mercury In Retrograde More Bearable

So we can all “Keep Calm” and “Mercury On”

Astrology-themed beauty is all the rage the days—in fact, there have been a ton of collections tying the two together launching in recent months. Earlier this month, Wet N Wild launched an entire star sign- and element-inspired collection of highlighters and lipgloss, while Bite Beauty has been dropping a limited-edition zodiac lipstick every time a new sign takes reign. And let’s not forget about all of the new moon- and full moon-themed bath products, body oils, and more out there.

But, one very important—and, to be honest, dreaded—part of the astrological cycle that has yet to become a part of our beauty routine? Mercury Retrograde.

While this upcoming Mercury Retrograde (coming this Thursday) is supposed to be particularly disruptive, Essie has come to the rescue with a new cosmic-inspired nail polish collection meant to help us get through all of the chaos with poise and grace. The collection consists of two sparkly, celestial-inspired shades: Keep Calm, an iridescent and shimmery sky blue, and Mercury On, a dazzling, galactic royal purple that evokes the night sky.

Sure, painting our nails might not cure all of the bullshit that pesky Mercury has in store for us, but at least our nails will give us a shimmering glimmer of hope that, soon, it'll all be okay.

Here’s to getting through this next Retrograde in one piece! If you need extra help, these otherworldly new polishes are available now for $9 a pop at and in Ulta stores. Take a closer look at both shades, below.

Photo courtesy of Essie

Essie, Mercury in Retrograde Nail Polish in ‘Keep Calm,’ $9, available at Ulta.

Photo courtesy of Essie

Essie, Mercury in Retrograde Nail Polish in ‘Mercury On,’ $9, available at Ulta.