Ethan Renoe Is The Internet’s Latest Viral Sensation

Ethan Renoe Is Looking For Love

by daniel barna

It took almost the full calendar year, but 2015 finally has its biggest viral sensation. His name is Ethan Renoe, and after being interviewed by the Chicago-based news channel WGN- TV while jogging through a torrential rainstorm topless (yes, you read that right), he's become an instant celebrity.

Renoe, a devout Christian and a student at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, has been dubbed "The Shirtless Wonder", after his video has garnered over 2 million views on WGN-TV's Facebook page.

"Dude, where is your shirt, man?"  The reporter asks. "It’s a great day for a run, [and] it’s too wet for a shirt," Renoe answers. "I love running in the rain, and I’m also single!" Way to capitalize, dude. 

Since mentioning that he is indeed on the market, Renoe has been inundated by potential love interests on social media, telling reporters that he's received "900 friend requests". It also looks like Renoe has rejoined Twitter. After a year of relative silence, he advised his growing number of followers to "stay tuned for updates."

Translation: See you on Dancing With The Stars, Ethan!