Your Astrological Forecast For All Of 2017 Is Here

Game-changing eclipses, Jupiter’s benevolent gifts, and relationships galore…

by christie craft

With a whole 365 days of basically unknown frontier ahead of us, we stand on the cusp of brilliant cosmic developments set to reinforce the foundational pillars of our unique individual lives. How we relate to one another was disjointed during 2016, an extremely rocky year, even by astrological standards. The Universe’s floodlight will be placed squarely on human communion throughout 2017, seemingly to rectify the sins of 2016. Relationships—and in particular, partnerships—will be the stand-out focus for all signs, with many glittering breakthroughs scattered throughout the year like so many constellations in the sky.

Making the most of our alliances, friendships, partnerships, and greater relationships without completely sacrificing our independence or sense of self will be integral to 2017. Jupiter, planetary ruler of abundance, prosperity, and expansion, has been transiting through the friendship-focused sign Libra since September of last year and will continue dancing with the sign of the Scales until October 2017. As the “king” of all planets in our solar system, Jupiter likes to take his time with each sign, moving slowly to make the most of his long trek. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was in Libra, and, as a result, a great many of us will enjoy the blessings of this planet’s stay in such a relationship- and love-oriented sign. Each sign can anticipate strident leaps and bounds in establishing and honoring partnerships both in business and our love lives based on faith and trust. Likely, you’ll attend more than many engagement parties or weddings this year—one might even be your own!

Perhaps most importantly for humanity as a whole, we’ll all be better equipped to understand each other, thanks to a newfound sense of balance, diplomacy, and empathy uplifting our perspective of others. Collaborations will thrive throughout 2017, ensuring joint endeavors’ ultimate success. It won’t be long into the New Year before many absorb the axiom, “strength in numbers,” leading to sweeping solidarity when it comes to doing the right thing. Despite deep divisions and gaps in human understanding (see: all of 2016), this year we may finally see that we are truly better together.

But it won’t be all kumbaya this year. Venus—ruling planet of love, beauty, self-esteem, and money—will cycle through a retrograde phase lasting from March 4 through April 15. When planets transit back into retrograde, it’s like the universe taking out a highlighter and making giant neon circles around all the parts of our lives that need work. Though you wouldn’t want to start anything new during this period relating to finances, relationships, or beauty (this is not the time for a dramatic new look), Venus retrograde will give you the green light on rethinking your past strategies and making necessary revisions. Fixes and repairs made during Venus retrograde will ultimately strengthen and fortify these areas of life.

Specifically, a majority of us will be faced with the challenges of balancing our own personal needs while maintaining healthy relationships. Methods of self-expression and our own attitudes about living authentically may be necessary, as well as establishing clear boundaries. Couples might experience a period of harsh disagreement, butting heads over big conflicts as well as small skirmishes. Giving in will seem impossible when it comes to personal values and ethics, making healthy compromise feel like excessive bloodletting. Venus retrograde extends an olive branch to many relationships, opening up the floor for airing out past troubles. But you’ll need to act maturely and take personal responsibility for your words, actions, and intentions during this time to make Venus retrograde a prosperous time for your partnerships.

Integrity will be tested for all signs, thanks to hard-bargaining Saturn remaining in Sagittarius for the entire year. Saturn, the planet governing difficult lessons in maturity, responsibility, and duty, will demand our authenticity, teaching us how important staying true to ourselves is in the face of challenges and restrictions. Twice this year, Saturn will align in a trine with ingenious Uranus, the planet of revolution and surprises—first on May 19, then again on November 11—allowing us breathing room to assess and reestablish our personal philosophies, values, ethics, and beliefs in response to wide societal changes.

A string of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis will only enhance our potential for love, creativity, and social circulation this year. The Leo series—beginning with a lunar eclipse in this fiery sign on February 10—will connect with its solar eclipse counterpart in Leo on August 21, giving all signs the razor’s edge in beginning, then completing an important creative project, stoking your heart’s artistic passions. These Leo eclipses will touch our heartstrings, especially when it comes to love, romance, and kids (either literally or in the sense of a “brainchild” or inception of a striking new idea).

The second set of eclipses starts with a brilliant solar eclipse in water sign Pisces on February 26, which for some will be the kick from the cosmos we need to finally, finally take a leap of faith into unknown territory. This eclipse will mean different things for each sign, but, in general, eclipses tend to shake up the atmosphere in a permanent way, usually upturning our lives so much in one area that we’re forced to make massive changes. This eclipse is linked to a later eclipse in world wise Aquarius on August 7, lifting the veil of ignorance and making us acutely aware of humanitarian efforts across the globe. During this eclipse, revolutions of all kinds are to be expected, beginning with one action rippling throughout the world stage in a powerful domino effect. For better or worse, the last eclipse of the year will make it impossible to ignore the power one person has to change the world.

Generous Jupiter will move into sexy, mysterious Scorpio on October 10 for the first time in 12 years, catalyzing an intense blossoming of intuition—or straight-up psychic awareness. Our newfound sense of hyper-awareness will be helpful through the rest of the year, particularly when it comes to making informed decisions regarding investment and joint finances. Lucky Jupiter will join forces with dreamy Neptune, planet of fantasy and illusion, in a magnificent trine on December 2, magnifying our faith and spirituality. Manifesting our dreams will be a cinch in December—scarily so, even seeming supernatural at times. Having faith in your own ability will be essential to locking in your success, so don’t let dreary thoughts or gloomy naysaying get in your way at the end of 2017. As luck would have it, 2018 might even mean living out your dreams.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Surprising Connections

This will be a year unlike any other, Aries, one where you finally put the pieces of the last few years together and hit the karmic jackpot. Truly, 2017 will be one for the books with plenty of exciting fireworks to keep your blood nice and hot—just the way you like it, baby. Life-altering? To say the least. Aries-born folks (and anyone with Aries rising or heavy Aries influences in their natal chart) may not recognize themselves by 2018. Jupiter, known as the planet of abundance and expansion, will be helming your growth all year long, blessing your partnership sector from January through October. Expect Father Fortune to spark massive growth in your personal relationships during these months. Drink up, Aries, and enjoy the heady high—the Universe is serving a euphoric cocktail of luck and love in 2017.

As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re already one of the most naturally independent, but Rams will be riding a tidal wave of exuberant self-esteem as 2017 opens. Like-minded people will be magnetically attracted to you as if you’ve finally found the tribe that speaks to your soul, both in business partnerships and love. Kindred spirits who not only understand you at your core, but also love, accept, and support you unconditionally will pop up in unusual places, so keep your eyes peeled for profound connections.

Initially, this communion of souls may feel jarring and completely at odds with your fierce independence. Last year’s lessons were all about remaining solo, turning you into something of a wandering mercenary. You’ve been conditioned to feel most comfortable as the lone wolf, so trusting partnership will take some time to ease into. Growing pains are to be expected early in the year as you adjust to accepting Jupiter’s magical presence in your relationships.

Venus retrograde—a relatively rare period lasting from March 4 through April 15—will have you feeling extra squirmy about your new alliances, both in love and business. You may feel extremely resistant to deepening a relationship, perhaps due to new revelations about personal growth and self-improvement, since Venus will be retrograde in your fiery sign. Don’t be fooled, though: Your hesitancy isn’t a reflection of your readiness, but rather deep-seated feelings of unworthiness in response to authentic love and tremendous abundance.

When the planet of love, beauty, and money is in retrograde, expect a bright light exposing the parts of your partnership that may need reassessment. The last two weeks of Venus’ retrograde will be spent in your 12th House of Subconscious Illusion and Escape, which may drive you to avoid addressing sticky issues. You may even become downright commitment-phobic for a brief period, determined to cling to your identity as a genuine independent spirit. Many changes have taken place already in your life as a result of your relationships, sending a shock to your consciousness. Balance is a key theme, indicating you might need to work on collaborating as a team without sacrificing your individuality. Taking a quick trip out of town sometime between April 2 and April 15—your birthday season!—seems to be in order to celebrate your shining similarities while embracing your differences. If all else fails, outside counseling initiated during this phase is poised to produce fruitful healing. Whatever you do, resist the urge to self-sabotage—you’ve got a golden thing going, Aries.

Jupiter will move into your 8th House of Sex, Transformation, and Shared Resources on October 10, transferring all the luck you’ve had in love and partnerships over to your cash flow. Breakthroughs in new sources of income outside of your regular paycheck will beef up your financial security, likely through your partner’s earnings, commissions, an inheritance, or royalties. Two powerful solar eclipses—one occurring on February 5 and another on August 21—will be excellent catalysts to initiating new projects showcasing your creativity. After October 10, these talents might finally begin paying off—in a big way.

By the end of 2017, you might be on your way to expanding your family or at least feel ready enough to begin considering becoming a parent. Two sets of eclipses occurring in your 5th House of Pleasure and Children in February and August will certainly give you an idealism about family and parenting. Alternatively, a surprise accidental pregnancy may be likely—especially during the eclipse months, February and August, as well as October—so be extra careful this year when it comes to contraception and family planning.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Binding Past Wounds

Slow and steady wins the race, and there are few other signs that understand that as intimately as you, Taurus. Last year was like a hurricane making landfall for you gentle bulls, hitting your finances and your physical health the hardest. Luckily, this year will afford you the time and space you need to make lasting repairs to your foundations. Healing won’t happen overnight— though you will have some fabulous opportunities to flourish—so it’s integral that you look at 2017 holistically, conjure your most saintly patience, and give yourself a freakin’ break, physically and spiritually.

The past two years might’ve felt like a crusade into maturity with little outside support. Saturn, the restrictive planet of hard lessons, responsibility, and maturity, has been seriously limiting you since December 2014 when he moved into your 8th House of Sex, Transformation, and Shared Resources for a long stay. Perhaps you’ve had to learn how to live on less materially in response to hard hits from taxes, oppressive debts, or medical bills. Saturn is one tough customer, but you can exhale in 2017—the worst of Saturn’s storms are behind you, having crested in late 2016. Now, Saturn’s test will be in rebuilding—fortifying—yourself after his destructive rule with meager resources. You’ve got what it takes to lock down the future of your financial security—money and lifestyle are your main things, Taurus!

Financial strength is your main focus but you can’t forget your health while you’re wheeling and dealing through 2017. From January through October 10, Jupiter—planetary ruler of expansion, abundance, and discovery—will alight your 6th House of Health and Daily Routines, highlighting in no uncertain terms your physical improvements and liabilities. Fortunately, Father Jupiter is mainly benevolent, however dramatic, magnifying what’s wrong so that what ails you can be healed completely. If you’ve been undergoing treatment for an ongoing health issue, you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your back pocket for a huge chunk of the year. The same goes for any illnesses or injuries that might crop up in 2017.  

Your planetary ruler, Venus, will move backward in her rare retrograde period lasting from March 4 to April 15. Ms. Venus will be hanging out in your 12th House of the Subconscious while in retrograde, indicating you may grapple with deep personal issues on your journey to self-improvement or healing. Another possibility is ducking out and staying way below the radar while you travel within to overhaul a project intended to beef up your cash flow. This will not be an easy phase for you, Taurus—you will need all the patience you can muster. But have faith; it will indeed get better.

Saturn will draw incredible aide from Uranus, the rebellious-yet-ingenious planet of surprise, twice this year: First, at the tail-end of your birthday season (May 19) and then on November 11. Uranus will electrify your 12th House of the Subconscious on these dates, opening a floodgate of completely unexpected assistance and support. There may be someone waiting in the wings, secretly singing your praises from on high—or an influential captain of industry who’s been watching your progress. You may not know it straight away, but a master strategy is developing beneath the surface which will lend serious artillery to your earning potential for years to come. What’s more, it looks like this new plan will set you apart from the rest as a true original—an innovator, even!

You’ll be busy as a bee all summer long, happily collaborating with some sharp minds and brilliant artists or craftspeople. A very beneficial lunar eclipse on August 6 in your career sector will solidify all that clandestine scheming, possibly through the launch or unveiling of your year’s opus maximus. Soon, you’ll have an ironclad reputation as a shining shield in your profession and industry. Your perseverance and final product will be a beacon of visionary light and make you an inspiration to others.

On October 10, expansive Jupiter will roll over into your partnership sector, giving you a much-needed break from work. Although you’ll be more than ready to sign a contractual commitment at work, accept a promising job offer, or partner up with a powerful business alliance, your head will be clouded with daydreams of your perfect love. Jupiter is a slow mover, so it might take some time for romance to develop with any substance, but by December 2 when Jupiter is in lovely angle to imaginative Neptune, there might just be someone sweet determined to make your dreams come true.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Pillars of Life

The winds of change have been swirling around you for some months with no signs of stopping in 2017. Those powerful gales will continue blowing through your sign this year, eroding the landscape of your life and bringing much more stability. Love, romance, and a big boost in your career are the pillars of what will make 2017 so phenomenal for the Twins. Last September, Jupiter—who governs expansion, abundance, and sheer luck—took up residence in your 5th House of Pleasure, Children, and Creativity, making plenty of room in your heart to meet someone new or become open to pursuing a committed relationship with a special person. The God of Blessings will stay in this area of your chart for a huge chunk of 2017, giving singles who didn’t reap Jupiter’s divine gifts back in fall 2016 a cosmic leg-up on mixing, mingling, and ultimately meeting some striking new suitors. Until October 2017, Geminis will have no trouble expanding their dating pool—all you need to do is show up to the party!

Many Geminis are already knee-deep in serious relationships as the year begins, thanks to the planet of maturity, responsibility, and obligation, Saturn, traveling through your 7th House of Partnerships since late 2014. You might’ve sailed choppy, tempestuous waters with your beloved in order to just establish primary love and business relationships in that time, providing you with tremendous opportunities to develop ironclad bonds of trust. Now, you’re able to view the whole of the horizon, absorbing the payoff from past tension as Saturn’s pressure lifts. The fight was well worth it, and it only gets better in 2017.

Becoming exclusive, moving in together, getting engaged or hitched all seem to be imminent this year for attached Twin-born people. You may decide to become a parent or start a family with generous Jupiter hanging out in your 5th House of Children, too. If that seems far-flung, Jupiter’s influence in this house could very likely birth a creative brainchild you and a business partner or close collaborator will work on together, drawing your friendship closer and fanning the flames of your work’s passions. Stoic Saturn will be in a delicate angle to Uranus—planet of surprise, innovation, and bucking the status quo—twice this year, pushing your dreams to become reality in the most unexpected of ways. Circle the dates May 19 (the cusp of your birthday season!) and November 11—these are bound to be banner days, both for your relationship and career.

There may be a hiccup in your social life amid all the hustle and bustle when Venus turns retrograde in your 11th House of Friendships, lasting from March 4 to April 15. Though you may feel stretched thin from all your obligations, a dear friend might feel neglected or need extra support during this time. On the flip side, you may feel slighted or shaded by your friends or social circle undervaluing you, causing you to lash out. Don’t forget your network of friends in your hectic schedule this year, Gemini. Venus will make her way through your career sector for the last two weeks of the planet’s retrograde phase (April 2 through April 15), which might resurrect old business alliances or revive a golden opportunity in your career you previously passed up. Retrogrades are excellent periods for re-dos and revisions, so make this second chance count!

Down the line on October 10, Jupiter will shift into the area of your chart ruling your career, delivering massive (read: lucrative) opportunities to take on more work, side gigs, and new positions with a focus on something you’re deeply passionate about. By this time, you’ll be settled into a lovely routine with your partner and have likely ironed out all the wrinkles in your social life to really hit the bricks in your professional life. The crowning jewel of 2017? On December 2, lucky Jupiter will enter into a sweet trine with Neptune, planet of imagination, intuition, and dreams, in your career sector, helping you realize long-held goals and aspirations at work. By the end of the year, you’ll have it made in the shade—with plenty of love, money, and professional respect—to launch you into 2018.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): In Your Zone

Harmony at home will reign supreme in 2017, nestling you safely in your cushy comfort zone of domesticity and giving you plenty of leeway to actually enjoy your family for once. Since September 2016, expansive Jupiter, planet of abundance, has been tending the hearth fires in the part of your chart-ruling domestic life. This is a rare aspect—one that hasn’t occurred in a whopping 12 years! Jupiter’s in no rush to vacate, warming up your home and family life until October 10. While you’ve got this lucky houseguest hanging around, you may finally make a big move to your dream home, purchase a timeshare or vacation bungalow, or completely relocate to a new place you’ve always fantasized about living in.

Cancers are notoriously set in their domestic ways, so it would take a lot of inner momentum to make that commitment. Even if you get cold feet about moving, you can still expect much joy in your family. A relative may announce a pregnancy, give birth to, or adopt a new addition to the tribe, or you may decide to take the next step in commitment and invite your partner or SO to move in with you. Your family is keen to be more welcoming, warm, and amicable between each other and, more importantly, toward your sweetheart than you can remember, generally regarding them as a new member of the fam. Really, the news couldn’t be much better for you mushy-gushy Crabs!

Home is certainly where your heart is in 2017 (but when is that not true?), although you’ll have ample opportunity to resuscitate your career if you’ve had to place professional development on the backburner for some time. Venus will go into retrograde from March 4 through April 15, spending much of her time lingering in your 10th House of Status and Achievements. Retrograde phases are all about going back and making revisions or reaping second chances, and since Venus indeed rules money and wealth along with love and beauty, there’s a strong indication you’ll be able to backtrack to ensure that you’re capitalizing on your talents. You may also feel neglected or undervalued by higher-ups at work, with tensions coming to an unavoidable head. During the last two weeks of Venus’ retrograde period, she’ll move into your 9th House of Philosophy and Learning, making this an ideal time for going back to school to finish a degree. You may have no choice in the matter—more education or training might be the only path to staying competitive in your field.

Yes, Venus retrograde will be marked by lots of hard work and possibly some bumping of heads at work. The benefits of these challenging weeks will be immediately apparent for you Cancers, though—any big changes or improvements made between March 4 and April 15 will have a phenomenal cash payoff. Saturn, the hard-nosed planet of obligation and responsibility, will alight your career sector while embracing Uranus, ruler of surprises and innovation, twice in 2017. These celestial buds will grant you loads of support with unconventional professional opportunities showcasing your more offbeat talents. The days around May 19 and November 11 will be most fruitful. What’s more, between those two dates a pairing of eclipses in August will further beef up your earning potential, changing your whole outlook on money matters and overall boosting your confidence.

Jupiter will make his way from your domestic life into your true love sector on October 10, ramping up the romance in your world. Single Cancers can anticipate a burst of dreamlike opportunities for new love, but committed Crabs and solo Crustaceans alike can expect an otherworldly boost to their love lives. By December, those aforementioned coupled Cancers might even have a bun in the oven! Wrap it up if you’re not ready for kids—your fertility will be super, super potent by the end of the year.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): The Weight of Words

Making the most of your outward messages will be the golden thread running through each month of 2017, Leo. You’re no stranger to a rapt audience, but this year polishing your communications skills and stealing the show with your words will have amazing advantages. Back in September 2016, Jupiter, who governs expansion, abundance, and blessings, set up shop in the part of your chart ruling communications and messages. Jupiter moves slowly, so this aspect is a rare one—in fact, Father Fortune hasn’t visited this sector for 12 years. He’ll stick with you, supporting you in matters of higher learning, thinking, speaking, philosophy, and the written word until October.

This year is the prime time for following your dreams of becoming an author, starting a podcast, launching a blog or website, or making a major speech or public presentation. You’re brimming with brilliant ideas and a sparkling effervescence sure to captivate everyone. Others are just dying to soak it all in, so disseminated that critical info any way you can in 2017! Leos in sales and marketing will find this aspect especially beneficial, making profitable leaps and bounds with their silver tongue. Even better, it appears your work in communications or sales will give you an edge in travel, particularly for business. Basically, you can talk your way into anything this year, so take advantage of all the perks.

Relationships may not have been your priority in the past few years, but all that’s likely to change as early as February. Your identity is shifting and molding, and along with it so are your personal values. Saturn, the stoic planet of obligations, responsibilities, and maturity, will continue making his journey through your true love sector all year. Saturn can be a tough customer, but he’s here to help you heal—and to ensure that you’re crystal-freaking-clear about your expectations, desires, and needs in love and relationships.

February’s pair of eclipses—especially the lunar eclipse on February 10 in your red-hot fire sign—will be screaming a list of all the unpleasant things you must let go of within you to achieve your purest authenticity as an individual. This will only be beginning of your heart’s chrysalis, opening and blossoming through the seasons, then cresting to embrace partnership and true love in August—your sweet, sunny birthday season—with another ripe pair of eclipses. On August 7, a lunar eclipse centered in your partnership sector is poised to bring a great deal of fulfillment to your alliances in love and business, wrapping up the work you began back in February. A solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 is the icing on the celestial cake, urging you to “go public” with your self-improvement or possibly unveil a new relationship or business partnership.

On October 10, Jupiter will shift into your 4th House of Home and Family, setting you up for some big upgrades in your home and living situation. You could move into a palatial new space on par with all you’ve earned and achieved throughout 2017, or this aspect could take a less-literal track with a period of deep happiness and contentment within your family. Siblings (if you have them) will be especially close allies and friends by the end of the year, drawing you closer together than you’ve felt in many years.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): A Prudent Approach

Money has been at the forefront of your sharp mind for a while now, but 2017 promises to pack a one-two punch to your financial strength and intelligence. Not only will you be blessed with many opportunities to amplify your income, you’ll also become more mindful of frivolous spending and begin making well-informed decisions with your cash. In September 2016, Jupiter—the planet in charge of expansion, exponential growth, and abundance—shifted into your earned-income sector for the first time in 12 years. The King of Prosperity will stay in this part of your chart until October, magnifying your confidence and self-assuredness to further develop and showcase your unique skill set and talents. Naturally, your net worth will be booming, allowing you to raise your rates if you’re self-employed or secure a salary raise. You could also come into money through an inheritance or gift, not necessarily in cash, but rather with something like jewelry, art, or other heirlooms that will increase in value over time.

Venus, the ruler of love, beauty, and money, will be in retrograde from March 4 to April 15 in your 8th House of Sex, Transformation, and Shared Resources, urging you to pump the brakes on spending and investing. During this phase, you’ll need to take a hard, serious look at your financial security. You’ll be bringing in stacks by this time, so you’ll really need to ensure you’re making the best choices for your future. This is an optimal time to start thinking about saving in a retirement fund, investing in real estate, or establishing a financial portfolio. Venus retrograde should only be a planning period to research, review, and make sure all your bases are covered. Hold off on signing or committing to anything until May when Venus is in a happier position.

Tough-love Saturn, the planet of maturity and responsibility, will be glued to your 4th House of Family and Domestic Life all year, highlighting obligations to your family. Duty could pull you in opposite directions, a family member may become ill and need your help, or an elder might require you to assist them with day-to-day life. Your hands will be full but you’ll have the strength, perseverance, and mental acuity to handle everything that comes up within your family this year. Saturn’s place in your 4th House could also point to a move on the horizon likely to downsize and minimize spending. Saturn will be in a glorious embrace with Uranus—planetary ruler of surprise and innovation—twice during the year on May 19 and November 11, when you may strike gold with a small mortgage, allowing you to buy a home.

After October 10, prosperous Jupiter will travel into your communication sector, breaking the levees holding back your ideas. The remainder of the year is best spent collaborating on a creative or business endeavor with a close friend or family member. Be sure to sign contracts, enter into legal agreements, and the like near December 2 for the absolute best results. A dream you’ve been holding onto for a long time is about to become reality.  

Libra (September 23 – October 22): The Midas Touch

No exaggeration: You might just be in the most enviable position of the zodiac this year, Libra. The planet of prosperity and abundance, Jupiter, has been in your sign since last September, and you’ve probably already noticed Father Fortune’s lucky streak in your life since then. Despite the odds, you’ve been armed with so much optimism and faith on your journey, life seems to sparkle with synchronicity and magic—as if anything could happen. The possibilities are endless in 2017 and with Jupiter on your side, you’re blessed with the Midas Touch. Success is practically guaranteed in all your endeavors until October, so soak all the good vibes in and marinate, baby!

The Universe has your back 110 percent, giving you the green light to initiate fresh, new personal projects through 2017. Whether it’s boosting your income, finding new love, upgrading your crib, connecting with family, seeking a promotion at work, or launching a business—truly, anything!—Jupiter is on your side. Since Jupiter will provide such a strong safety net, you’ll be able to take more risks this year, too. And although your ruling planet, Venus, will be in retrograde from March 4 through April 15, you’ll hardly notice her wacky antics, thanks to protective Jupiter.

When Venus does go retrograde, she’ll primarily be moving through your partnership sector, extending an olive branch to your sweetheart and offering a priceless opportunity to resolve a longstanding conflict. If you’ve been arguing more than usual with your partner or S.O., Venus retrograde is an awesome time to give counseling a shot. Any anxiety about existing relationships can be quelled; the changes shaking your partnership during 2017 will be initiated by you. Plus, the shifts in your love landscape will be electrifying and energizing to your bond, especially near March 2 and September 27—red-letter days for romance.

Don’t neglect your social circle and be sure to make time for the friends and family who love you so dearly this year, Libra. A series of eclipses in February and August will collide with your friendship and romance sectors, respectively. Everything seems more fun and pleasurable this year—and you ain’t wrong! Even though your schedule will be (happily) swamped, take advantage of the positivity and vibe out with your friends as much as you can.

The last two weeks of Venus retrograde (April 2 through April 15) will shine a floodlight on your salary, blessing you with yet another opportunity to improve your life. Now, you can look back at your income and make bold revisions to your compensation. Not only will you be given the chance to get more money, you’ll also have a shot at tuning-up your work ethic and flow to ensure you show the world what you’re worth. Taking your professionalism seriously early on promises big benefits, especially when Jupiter shifts into your 2nd House of Earned Income. After October 10, you’ll be poised for yet another raise from your superiors. December 2 is a particularly lucky day to approach your boss with proposals regarding your pay. You can’t lose!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Cha-Ching

Trials and tribulations have been weighing heavy on your heart—not to mention your wallet and work resume—for quite some time. The universe seems to always test Scorpios’ mettle with the most intense of extremes, but thankfully, the cosmos recognize that you’ve trained in the trenches long enough and are on your way out of boot camp (or prison, depending on your perspective). This is the year you can anticipate leveling up and putting all the hard lessons you’ve learned to good use, ultimately figuring out a way to maximize your resources and income. Working smarter, not harder for the most money is the running theme of 2017.

Way back in December 2014, serious Saturn, planet of tough love, hard lessons, and maturity, hit your 2nd House of Earned Income—hard. Since then, you likely weathered many financial storms, learning to live lean and cheap, cutting indulgences you used to enjoy in response to periods of waning income. If not, your salary and earnings maybe maintained without raises or bonuses you previously enjoyed. Or perhaps a barrage of big expenses (think: medical bills, college tuition, auto loans, and the like) deflated your savings. You get the idea. Saturn won’t budge, though, setting up camp in this area of your chart through 2017. The hardest push from Saturn’s hardships has passed, and now his responsibility is to unveil your newfound wisdom.

Saturn will tangle with Uranus, the planet governing revolutionary change, innovation, and surprise, on two fortuitous occasions this year—May 19 and on November 11, right in the thick of #ScorpioSeason. Uranus’ ingenious link to Saturn will deliver unconventional, new opportunities to earning a living and set up long-term financial stability. Capitalizing on your special brand of weird (or simply accepting a job or taking on freelance work in an unusual field) will not only pay off in spades but also take you on a wild, adventurous ride—so have fun, Scorp!

Venus will retrograde from March 4 until April 15, primarily lighting up your 6th House of Health, Work, and Daily Routines. You may feel unnoticed or underappreciated by your work colleagues and teammates during this phase—no doubt a frustrating period. Scorpios in business for themselves may realize the urgency in maximizing their budget and downgrade expenses. Since retrogrades are all about backtracking and revisiting the past, you may agree to a freelance gig with a company you’ve previously worked with or go back to an old job. The second time ‘round will prove to be much more fruitful, thanks to Venus’ rare retrograde. This will also be an incredible time for tuning up your health and fitness routine.

The big news is Jupiter’s unflinching support, working behind the scenes to reinforce all your endeavors with an extra stroke of luck. Jupiter is the ruler of prosperity, expansion, and sheer abundance, and for almost all of 2017, he’ll be entrenched in your 12th House of the Unseen. Mysterious forces you likely aren’t aware of will be rooting for you, determined to help—perhaps anonymously—swooping in to rescue you should you end up in a tight spot. This is truly a magical, synchronistic position for Jupiter to be in and you’ll receive even more blessings from Father Fortune after October 10 when the planet of abundance moves into your sultry sign for the first time in 12 years. Manifesting your dreams, desires, and fantasies will be shockingly easy, capping off the year by giving you permission to flourish as your most authentic self well beyond 2018. Live long and prosper!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Rise Up

Maturity and wisdom will be your currency in 2017 as difficult Saturn continues touring Sagittarius through the year. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, obligation, and karma, has been schooling your sign in the hard lessons of growing up since December 2014, and you’ve likely felt this tough planet’s restrictions prominently in the past two years. You’ve been handed a load of new obligations and responsibilities and may have even felt jinxed by the Universe’s many tests to carry many heavy burdens. But Saturn hasn’t been unfair to you—this planet’s cosmic charge is to help you realize your strength and fortitude in the face of harsh limitations. Saturn continues moving through Sag all year, but now you’ll finally be able to truly understand the value of his teachings.

In 2017, you’ll be able to rise up and show the world what you’re made of. Instead of sticking to the status quo of past years, your sign will receive strong support in adopting new strategies to stabilize your life—especially when it comes to love, creativity, and kids. Handling all your duties will be much easier, finally allowing you to breathe freely as you carve out a path toward accomplishing your personal goals. Twice this year Uranus—planetary ruler of revolution, surprise, and innovation—will beam his glorious light to Saturn, amplifying this sense of freedom and easing restraints. Pay attention to May 19 and November 11 when Uranus and Saturn team up in your corner to propel you into the future.

You may also notice a flood of new people in your life this year, too, electrifying your networking opportunities. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in charge of expansion, luck, and prosperity, and for most of 2017, he’ll be hanging out in your 11th House of Friendship. The friends and alliances made from now until October will be shining stars in your circle, cheering you on, lifting you up, and helping you to take wide strides in improving life. In particular, Sagittarians involved in global politics, humanitarian efforts, and tech will enjoy tremendous success in all their projects, thanks to this friendly aspect.

Venus’ retrograde period—running from March 4 through April 2 in your 5th House of Pleasure, then moving into your 6th House of Home and Family before turning direct on April 15—will give you a bit of a leg-up on reflecting. This will be a year of introspection and revision, and retrogrades are just the ticket for looking back and fixing past mistakes. You may finally be able to gain closure on unresolved problems and traumas in your love life and family during this period, finally putting the ghosts of the past to rest and releasing any lingering pain.

After October 10, your spirituality and personal beliefs may receive a jolt of rejuvenation when Jupiter pushes forward into his most mysterious position—the 12th House of the Subconscious and Unseen World. Through the remainder of 2017, you could feel a strong pull toward solitude, going even deeper into yourself in meditation and reflection on what makes you truly tick. Year’s end is an excellent time for adopting nourishing spiritual traditions, yoga, meditation, or study. Don’t shrug off your instinct to be alone; respect your intuition and feed your soul.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): All the Trophies

What a year ahead you’ve got, Capricorn! Troubling conflicts may have plagued you in 2016 (and even in January 2017), but you can rest assured that this year is yours for the taking. Working hard is your comfort zone, and 2017 is all about your favorite thing ever: career gains. Expect to stride across all finish lines with uncanny ease, crushing the opposition, and collecting a grip of golden trophies in your professional life.

All this good fortune on the horizon is directly linked to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and prosperity, who’s been chilling out in your 10th House of Status and Achievements since September 2016. Perhaps you’ve already tasted some of Jupiter’s positive vibes, but his blessings are only going to get sweeter as the year ramps up. Influencers and superiors have already taken notice of you—you might have already been promoted or presented with a prestigious award in your field. Jupiter is an incredibly supportive planet known for his lucky streak; just being in the right place at the right time can really do wonders for your career this year, Cap. What’s more, 2017 would be an ideal year to launch a new business, venture into entrepreneurship, or unveil new services and offerings in an existing business. Really, you can’t lose this year!

You’ll be rewarded not only with an esteemed reputation but also with a hearty boost in your income. Thanks to a series of eclipses in 2017, Capricorns can look forward to a solid financial future and innovative, new means of raking in the cash. On February 10, a lunar eclipse in your 8th House of Sex, Transformation, and Shared Resources will plant the seeds of investment, culminating in a windfall much later on during a solar eclipse on August 21. Secondary income from things like commissions, royalties, and inheritances will be highlighted, providing a nice cushion of cash. With a lunar eclipse in your earned-income sector on August 7, you’ll be feeling more generous and jolly about helping others financially, too. That’s nothing to sneeze at for cautious, conservative Capricorn—no joke, many astrologers have thought Dickens’ fictional Ebeneezer Scrooge to have been born under this sign!

Issues relating to real estate, inheritance, or a will may need to be addressed within your family this year, especially during the Venus retrograde lasting from March 4 to April 15. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, will retrograde through your 4th House of Home and Family (March 4 through April 2), and then through your 3rd House of Communication until returning to her direct course on April 15. Luckily, this aspect won’t be too hard on you but may require you to align with your family members—especially siblings—to rethink how family finances are organized and dealt with. Any tension that surfaces during this phase will likely be rooted in a feeling of being slighted, left out, or underappreciated. Balancing out such pressures can only be achieved through open, honest communication.

Down the line on October 10, fortuitous Jupiter will slide into your 11th House of Friendships, easing your hectic work schedule and allowing you to kick back and enjoy more quality time with friends. Sure, you’ll have loads of fun—but many opportunities will be hidden in your new alliances. Pay close attention to the friendly new faces in your life through the year’s end, for there are lucrative networking opportunities to harness. At least one connection established now is poised to result in a big development in business next year.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Into the Great Unknown

The New Year is filled with fabulous adventures into new and exciting frontiers of your life, Aquarius. Broadening your horizons is your thing—you are, after all, the true lifelong learner of the zodiac—and in the next year, you’ll be blessed with countless opportunities to travel and educate yourself with some truly unforgettable experiences. In short, 2017 has your name written all over it!

Opening your mind and mentally growing has been a primary focus of yours since last September when expansive Jupiter moved into your 9th House of Philosophy and Higher Education. Late last year, you may have enrolled in college, decided to go back to school for further professional certifications, or simply signed up for a fun course on a subject or skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Whatever you choose to study in 2017 will not only bring you incredible joy but will also enhance your wisdom of the world. Keep at it.

Jupiter is the lord of abundance, luck, and prosperity, and he’s very hands-on when it comes to learning. Usually, this materializes in the form of travel and adventure, and as soon as just after the New Year there’s a high likelihood you’ll embark on the first of many literal and figurative journeys to boost your notorious brainpower. He’ll stick with you in this part of your chart until October, much to your globetrotting delight.

You won’t be traveling alone in 2017, Aquarius: This year is also poised to have one of the most dramatic changes in your relationships. A string of linked eclipses in your sign, as well as your partner sign (polar-opposite Leo), in February and August (these two signs' birthday seasons, respectively) will make sure beauty blooms in your love life. This could absolutely be the year you get married, engaged, or even renew vows. Business alliances are also destined to thrive, thanks to these eclipses, so keep an eye on February 10, as well as August 7 and August 21—days promising wildly powerful developments in your partnerships.  

Meanwhile, your social circle will take on a new tone of seriousness as you solidify your most important friendships. You’re well known to be the “professional friend” in astrology, befriending people from all walks of life and casting a wide net of familiarity. In 2017, you’re more likely to keep to a tightly knit group rather than your norm of hanging with everyone. Uranus—your ruling planet and the ruler of revolution—will make you keenly aware of superficiality, compelling you to cherish genuine friendship over many meaningless acquaintances. Your social life is bound to glow near the dates May 19 and November 11 when Uranus entwines with Saturn in a glorious aspect to your clique.

Financially, the last few years have been a bit of an uphill battle, but the Universe will finally give you more strength in this department in 2017. Venus, the planet governing money as well as love and beauty, will turn retrograde from March 4 through April 15, giving you ample leeway in rethinking your strategy on handling money. During this cycle, you’ll be empowered to revise your plan, ultimately solidifying your financial foundations so you can move forward with a strong sense of security. For the rest of the year, your decisions surrounding money management will be more informed and brilliantly strategized.

Jupiter will begin transiting through your 10th House of Professional Achievements after October 10 for the first time in 12 years (!), cultivating new growth in your career. Success is yours for the taking as the year closes, so anticipate shining promotions, professional awards, and glorious esteem you never thought possible in past years. In other news, you may want to consider buying a lotto ticket around December 2; prosperous Jupiter will snuggle up to Neptune, planet of dreams and imagination, in your earned income sector, indicating a financial windfall beyond anything you’ve ever fantasized about is well on its way to you. What a way to cap off an already magical year!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Keep Your Head in the Game

This year is positively brimming with opportunities for those born under the sign of the Fishes in all of the pillars of life: Improving your health, your attitude about money, and making strident progress toward achieving your career goals. But all will not simply be given to you—the universe is gonna make you werk. The year ahead will shape up into something of a cosmic obstacle course (especially when it comes to finances and business), so you’ll have to start taking things more seriously in 2017. The stars are certainly throwing you many curve balls this year, but it’s all to teach you valuable lessons and solidify the security of your greater future.

Positive developments in your finances began brewing last September when generous Jupiter, the planet of expansion, prosperity, and abundance, set up shop in your 8th House of Sex, Transformation, and Shared Resources. This part of your chart commonly covers cash that comes in from sources external to your main income, such as a freelance gig, side job, inheritance, or lenders. Your partner’s income is also included here, so expect plenty of opportunities to beef up your income from sources outside your regular salary as Jupiter sparkles through this sector until October.

Jupiter’s great fortune will be tripped up a couple of times in 2017, thanks to a grinding opposition from Uranus—ruler of revolution and surprises—on March 2 and again on September 27. Unexpected financial pitfalls may become apparent around these dates forcing you to spend recklessly, but you could also be surprised with a cash prize or sudden windfall that benefits you. Just do your best to remain astutely aware of your bank account balance around these dates just in case of the worst. Uranus will make another appearance in your chart when this rebellious planet hooks up with Saturn, the planet of responsibility and maturity, who’s currently your career sector, so keep your eyes peeled for glorious new work opportunities promising a boost in salary around May 19 and again on November 11.

The ups-and-downs in your financial life will be highlighted during Venus’ rare retrograde cycle in your earned-income sector from March 4 to April 15. This is an ideal time to take a hard look at your finances and for giving yourself an attitude check. You could also rethink a big purchase you just made and decide a refund would be more prudent. Revisions to budgets and savings plans are a good idea, too, and any changes made now will set you up to flourish financially. Venus will be in Pisces for part of her backward transit (from April 2 until April 15, when she turns direct), which may saddle you with harsh feelings of being undervalued and underappreciated by a close colleague or business partner. This won’t last long, though, and you’ll have plenty of chances to clear the air with open communication. Still, if you make the decision to dissolve a business relationship while Venus is in retrograde, trust that it’s for the best in the long run.

The really big news in 2017 is a series of eclipses journeying across your health and wellness axis. Don’t worry—this is a healing aspect! If you’ve been troubled with physical ailments or any illness in the recent past, these beautiful eclipses will ensure you fully recover this year. In fact, you may feel better than ever; the first pair of eclipses on February 10 and February 26—just at the beginning of your birthday season—will be incredibly nourishing, making you feel as if you’ve been reborn. Circle the dates August 7 and August 21 when the second pairing of eclipses will solidify your health’s uptick.

Hopefully, toward the year’s end you’ll have a hearty chunk of savings, for lucky Jupiter will shift into his “home”—your 9th House of Philosophy, Adventure, and Expansion. After October 10, you’ll be itching to get out of familiar surroundings, having been bitten ferociously by the travel bug. Broadening your worldview seems to be the goal here, so you will certainly learn many lessons and bolster your wisdom with travel through the end of 2017. If you have a dream destination you’ve always lusted after visiting, you may be given the chance to jet set there near December 2 when your ruling planet, Neptune, lord of imagination and dreams, links with lucky Jupiter. Prepare to be enchanted—the end of 2017 is bound to be made of magic.