Everything You Need To Know About 2014 Golden Globes

from tina and amy’s best jokes to the night’s big winners.

by rebecca willa davis

Whether you were busy watching Girls, too drunk to follow along (we know our drinking guide is to blame for that), or just too busy to watch the Golden Globes last night, we've got you covered. Here are the 10 things you need to know:

1. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted again. And killed it again.

(Poehler and Fey's adult child from a previous relationship was priceless.) Thank god they'll be back next year...but after that? Well, we're convinced they're popular enough that they can run for President--and win--but that's just us.

2. There wasn't one big winner that emerged.

Not a single show or movie won more than three awards. 12 Years a Slave nabbed top honors but nothing else. American Hustle was named Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) and Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) and Best Supporting Actress.  while Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) got awarded for best director. Her won Best Screenplay. Dallas Buyers Club won two acting awards. Breaking Bad won Best TV Show and Best Actor (both in the Drama categories), while Brooklyn Nine-Nine won Best TV Show and Best Actor (Musical or Comedy categories). So who is the front runner for the Oscars? Yeah, hard to say.

3. Although hello! Babe alert!

Jared Leto nabbed a Golden Globe. So did Andy Samberg. Same with Leonardo DiCaprio. Even Edward Sharpe's Alex Ebert won an award (related: we found out that he parties in Cannes with Diddy. Interesting....). Serious babe alert (OK, that last one in his current state is debatable).

4. Speaking of, Diddy had the most Kanye moment of the night.

But it's the Golden Globes, so we all just assume he's drunk and laugh it off, right?

5. Matthew McConaughey is crazy.

"Alright, alright, alright," is how he started his acceptance speech, and it only went up from there. But then, what else did you expect from the guy?!

6. A lot of our fave ladies got shut out....

No Zooey, no Lena, no Greta, no Hayden. But Amy Poehler won Best Actress for Parks and Recreation, which we can't argue with.

7. But they still brought their nail art a-game

Come on, you totally contemplated tuning in just to see Zooey Deschanel's nails. And they did not disappoint--daisies, anyone?!

8. Also, it re-reminded us why Cate Blanchett is so awesome.

Seriously, just watch her acceptance speech ("I had a few vodkas under my belt and here we are"). That's one awesome, classy lady--and no, we won't even spell it with a k.

9. Why aren't we watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine?!

It won two awards and yet we haven't seen a single episode. Consider our winter TV schedule revamped.

10. For once, the show didn't feel like it was 500 hours long.

Maybe it was because we took a wee little break to watch a double episode of Girls. Or perhaps it was because we had Fey and Poehler making jokes and cracking us up (although that quip about how losing 40 pounds for a role is called landing a part for women in Hollywood was as funny as it was genius). But either way, the show flew by and we can't hate on that.