16 Coolest Third Eye and Evil Eye Jewelry Baubles

I see you

We’ve seen different forms of symbolic eyes used in jewelry as talismans for centuries. This trend still holds true today. Although a number of eye charms have been used throughout history, two, in particular, have remained popular over the years: the evil eye and the third eye. The evil eye has long acted as an amulet against, well, the actual evil eye—a curse believed to be cast on the unassuming by a simple, evil glare—thus protecting one from misfortunes and injury that are believed to come from the hex. The third eye, on the other hand, is popularly used in jewelry as a symbolic representation of the Ajna chakra, which is associated with clairvoyance and the ability to see both the outter and inner realms. 

Whether you want some extra protection against negative energy or are trying to channel your inner psychic abilities—or hell, if you simply just want a really rad piece of jewelry, we rounded up 16 coolest pieces out there at every price point. You can interpret the symbolic meaning of each as you wish. 

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Photo courtesy of Max & Chloe.

Allison Daniel, Evil Eye Bracelet, $90, available at Max & Chloe.

Photo courtesy of Armadoro.

Armadoro, Evil Eye With Teardrops Gold Plated Neckace, $44, available at Armadoro.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS, Open Eye Necklace, $10.50, available at ASOS.

Photo courtesy of Bauxo.

Bauxo, Rise Ring, $88, available at Bauxo.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Persich.

Brooke Persich, The Vision Ring, $200, available at Brooke Persich.

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

Delfina Delettrez, Glittered Eye Piercing Ring, $565, available at Opening Ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic.

Eyland, Juno Double Ring, $45, available at Local Eclectic.   

Photo courtesy of Farfetch.

Ileana Makri, Triple Lucky Eye Ring, $297.71, available at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of Kenzo.

Kenzo, Mini Eye Ring, $100, available at Kenzo.

Photo courtesy of Krysos + Chandi.

Krysos + Chandi, Mati Pendant Brass, $95, available at Krysos + Chandi.

Photo courtesy of Lizzie Fortunato.

Lizzie Fortunato, Red Eye Hoop Earrings in ‘Rosegold,’ $125, available at Lizzie Fortunato.

Photo courtesy of Minor Obsessions.

Minor Obsessions, Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Charm Bracelet, $265, available at Minor Obsessions.

Photo courtesy of Bonadrag.

Pamela Love, Eyelink Choker, $575, available at Bona Drag.

Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sydney Evan, Enamel & 14K Yellow Gold Evil Eye Single Ear Cuff, $375, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters, Eye + Tassel Layering Bracelet Set, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.

Photo courtesy of Verameat.

Verameat, Vmoji Eye Ring, $30, available at Verameat.