Exclusive Video Premiere: Howling Bells “Original Sin”

get the (double-exposed) blues.

In the latest video from Australia's blues-y rock band Howling Bells, you'll see some major elements straight from your double-exposed dreams; lens-flared flashes of frontwoman Juanita Stein rolling her head to the classic rock'n'roll beat of "Original Sin" and roadtrip imagery on a deserted highway.

Then again, you'll also get elements straight from your history class textbook nightmares; imagery of protests, bombings, and infamous historic video footage.

"We wanted the video to reflect the dynamic of the song, lyrically and musically. It deals with some big issues, sin and forgiveness, good and evil. So there are obvious moments of light and dark in the video to construe  that sentiment." - Juanita Stein 

Straight from the band's fourth record, Heartstrings--which dropped earlier this summer and feels like a mashup of Heartless Bastards, Metric, and Lana Del Rey songs--"Original Sin" definitely tugs at those emotional strings that hold the heart together. See what we mean by checking out the self-proclaimed "indie twilight" four-piece's new video in our exclusive premiere just below the image of the band.

Photo by Kate Booker

Can't get enough? Us neither--which is exactly why we're streaming Heartstring on Spotify over and over, right here.