Exclusive Video Premiere: Sleepy Kitty “Hold Yr Ground”

rainbow-tinged indie pop.

If you ask me, "girl power" should definitely be an official music genre--and if it were, bands like St. Louis' Sleepy Kitty would definitely fall under that category. Even though this glam grunge duo also consists of a man, it is fronted by blonde bombshell Paige Brubeck, whose totally pretty, high-pitched voice is reminiscent of both '60s girl groups and modern surf rock. Paired with back-up vocals and folk-y guitar riffs from bandmate, Evan Sult, Sleepy Kitty provides the ultimate anthem to your independent-woman fall 2014 adventures, the perfect soundtrack to swaying along with falling leaves--and to crunching them under your Dr Martens when you're just a little ticked off.

In our exclusive premiere of their latest video for "Hold Yr Ground" you'll feel like you're following the band around town, at their live shows from SXSW '14, and at practice--all while wearing 3-D glasses.

Oh, and if all of this wasn't cool enough, the musicmakers also have their own print shop which goes by the same name as their band--and, yes, which they use to make their very own posters for their very own gigs--so rad!

Check out the video below, then follow Sleep Kitty here to stay tuned to what they're doing next!

Photo by Douglas Garfield