the latest on our quest for the perfect black eyeliner.

by ali hoffman

Whether powder, gel, or liquid, our search for the perfect black eyeliner is a lot like our quest for NY's best pizza: Regardless of how many we try, we'll never turn down testing one more.

That being said, we've just found our new favorite. Launched a few summers back, Guerlain's limited-edition Khôl Kajal eyeliner just returned to shelves, and we finally got our hands on the stick.

Appearing like a mix between a crayola crayon and a missile, the uniquely shaped liner glides on perfectly smooth, without any ripple or inconsistency. Unlike other powder liner we've tried, the creamy stick allows you to have complete control over just how dark you'd like it to be.

Available only in black, this liner's definitely on the pricey side, but if you're in the market for a high-quality eyeliner that'll last you till next summer, snag this one while it's still on the shelves.  

Buy it here.