because your bottom lashes deserve some love, too.

by liza darwin

Mascara on bottom lashes can either look totally awesome...or go very wrong, very fast. Because as everyone who's ever attempted the look can vouch, it's easy to go from Mod to major raccoon eyes in one tiny misstep.

But Clinique's set out to prevent that problem with their new Bottom Lash mascara. It has a teeny brush specially designed for lower lashes, so you don't have to be a pro to still get a wide-awake look that's clump free and lasts for hours. Plus, a bonus: not only is it perfect for the bottom, we've found that the small brush size also works great for defining your hard-to-reach upper lashes, as well.

Sure, it's super easy to swipe it on once for everyday wear. But we think it'd be even cooler to do a couple of layers for an all-out, '60s inspired look.

Edie Sedgwick would be proud, don't you agree?

$10 at Clinique.