temporary tattoos for your eyeliner?

by faran krentcil

In October, Dior launched a series of velvet "eyeliner patches" designed to mimic the extreme eye makeup at their Spring couture show. The patches looked fanciful and felt decadent - as if Effie Trinket herself had commissioned them for a Capitol appearance. (They also reminded us of the velvet beauty marks used by Uma Thurman in Dangerous Liasons.) See Dior's couture makeup look. Now Eye Rock (the sister label of the manicure wraps at Nail Rock) riffs on the concept with their own set of eyeliner strips. They work like a temporary tattoo, and last until you decide to wipe your face clean with makeup remover. They're water resistant, and after one practice run, extremely easy to apply. Some tricks: a) You can trim them to fit your preferred length and shape, but make sure when you apply them, you stretch your lid's outer corner with your fingers - otherwise, they may ripple on your eye's natural crease. b) Trace over them with a glitter pencil for sparkly effect, outline them with a metallic makeup pen for something futuristic, or enhance them with a jet black eyeliner pen for that '60s cake eyeliner look. The stickers come in packs of 4 for $14. Unlike Dior's velvet version, you can't reuse them - but also unlike those fantastical stick-ons, you can actually wear these in broad daylight.

Classic Liner Eye Stickers, $14 at Topshop.