face off: beauty subscriptions

the only thing other than nylon that you need to subscribe to.

The Product: BeautyARMY

The Promise: Obviously there's a lot of beauty subscription services out there, but if you're like me, and you're jaded from receiving arbitrary beauty samples that don't suit your needs – then it's time to quite literally soldier-up and unite with the latest monthly beauty sample subscription service, The San Francisco based company is like for beauty, presenting you with products that fit your criteria based on your customized beauty profile (that promises not to stamp you with labels like “Boho Chic”), while giving you complete jurisdiction over what products you receive - ranging from makeup, skincare, hair, nail tools, and even men's products.

The Result: Every month, BeautyARMY subscribers are alerted via email when their selection window is open, and can choose up to six out of nine new beauty products, or lucidly skip the month if uninterested in the products suggested. Soon after, an exquisitely designed BeautyARMY kit arrives with your selected products - which you can then buy full size versions of on the site, and it always ships for free.

Use It: If you're cautious of buying full-sized products without trying them out first, if you want an affordable way to receive a vast amount of products every month right to your door, and/or you're sick of getting products from other subscription services that don't work for you.

Buy It: $12 per month, here

The Product: Julep

The Promise: May all the nail polish lovers, enthusiasts, and hoarders unite and sign up for Julep – a monthly box for full sized nail polish (with the occasional hand creams, cuticle oils, nail tools, lip glosses, mascaras, etc.) as bonus goodies! As with most monthly boxes, they do require you to take a survey to see what type of gal you are – but give you the option to retake the test (if only this applied in high school…) and voila, a selection of the chicest polishes to add to your collection.

The Result: Confetti and glitter-filled boxes (that sometimes come with candy) and dozens of full-sized colors on their website to choose from that are 20% when you become a Julep Maven with free shipping, always. Earn Julep points for referring friends who become Mavens, and have the option to skip the month if uninterested in the selection.

Use It: If you love nail polish and want to try out new colors every month without spending a fortune at drugstores and other beauty retailers on your addiction.

Buy It: $19.99 per month, here

The Product: Goodebox

The Promise: Surprise, surprise - Goodebox is actually really good for you! A monthly makeup box made for vegans, eco-sensitive, and organic ladies out there that want the latest and greatest natural and healthy products.

The Result: You receive 6-7 trial sized beauty products from brands that are fully committed to serve healthy products and sustainable packaging. Members are also eligible for special offers, giveaways (my favorite word), beauty tips (like, what natural mascara stays put?) and previews of new products being offered from the natural beauty market.

Use It: If you want your skin and your mind to feel good about saving the environment! – oh, and also your wallet.

Buy It: $16 per month, here 

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