face off: body lotion

the ultimate test for those who hate dry skin as much as we do.

by rebecca willa davis

There are many reasons why I'm not a huge fan of winter, but high up on the list is the fact that it really does a number on my skin. How bad does it get? I've had moments where my hands get cracked and bloody because they're so dehydrated. Not a good look, I know--so I set out to do things differently this winter and commit to a moisturizing routine. It was actually quite easy, since both Jergens and Suave have new (or, in the latter's case, reformulated) body lotions that promise to soothe even the driest of skin. I set both up on my dresser, and for an entire month applied Jergens on the left side of my body and Suave on the right. So far, my skin hasn't been anything but baby soft--which is a total miracle--but I did notice a few differences between the two. Here's how my very scientific research played out, along with my findings in case you are in dry skin hell and need some lotion salvation.

The Product:Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer - $6.99

The Promise: Skin that is visibly smoother moments after applying the lotion.

The Result: Even super parched skin feels remarkably soft, thanks to the formula's combination of silk proteins and citrus extracts. This lotion is thick without feeling gloopy--and unlike some heavy-duty body lotions, this one doesn't take ages to dry. My favorite thing? The smell, which--believe it or not--is based off of the top notes of fruit sorbet. What winter?!

Use It: If your skin has reached the so-dry-it's-flaky stage of winter. It really does offer instant hydration.

The Product: Suave Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion With Aloe - $4.99 at a drugstore near you

The Promise: The brand's standby lotion gets reformulated to relieve stressed and dehydrated skin with an even richer formula.

The Result: After spending three days in Puerto Rico, my skin was raw from the sun, sand, and surfing--and though pulling on jeans made me wince, applying this aloe-infused lotion was seriously soothing. The new formula promises to amp up hydrating capabilities, but it's still really lightweight so you can apply it all through summer and not feel like a grease ball.

Use It: If you're dealing with ultra-raw or sensitive skin--or just like fresh aloe scents. It's also great for those not residing in a cold weather locale (lucky you).

Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer

Suave Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion With Aloe