it’s time to bring out your inner golden girl.

by rebecca willa davis

Rising temperatures often cause my opinions to change: My regular sunday night craving for Pad Thai disappears, that chunky Philip Lim cashmere sweater looses its top billing on my wish list, and my super pale complexion goes from feeling fashionable one minute to dreary the next.

In terms of the latter issue, the obvious (and safest) answer is bronzer--but for all who fear turning tangerine as much as I do, you know the process of finding the perfect sun-kissed color is far from easy. That being said, the latest trend in bronzers doubling as a highlighter definitely got me on the faux-tan track. So to make your life a little easier, I tested out all the latest and greatest products helping to attain the perfect no-sun suntan. In the end, I was left with two amazing favorites--one for everyday, and the other for wild nights out on the town.

The Product: MAC 'Extra Dimension' Skinfinish in Double Definition ($30)

The Promise: A liquid-powder highlighter and bronzer duo that intuitively highlights and sculpts the face.

The Result: The texture feels different than your average powder bronzer. -- tends to go on smoother when your skin is a little bit warm (this can be easily achieved by gently massaging your face with your fingertips prior to application).

Use It: If you like a more shimmery bronzed look. Great to wear out at night, but a bit too much luster for your morning coffee run.

The Product: AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact ($60)

The Promise: An all-in-one product that hydrates, color corrects (by reducing redness and evening skin tone), covers up any blemishes. and leaves your skin with a perfectly dewy golden complexion. Oh, and did we mention it boasts broad spectrum SPF protection? Yep.

The Result: When applied lightly all around the face, this stuff manages to feel totally weightless and still provide full coverage. I love how applicator allows you to have total control for how much goes on, depending on what kind of coverage you need at that moment. My skin looked radiant, dewy, and hydrated, as if I had spent the past couple days surfing in Hawaii.

Use It: If you're looking to shell out a little extra cash for a really high quality product that'll leave you tossing your liquid foundations and heavy powder bronzers, this is guy for you!