because all we’ve ever wanted was rainbow glitter on our eyelids.

by ray siegel

I'm lucky I found these decals because my eyeliner usually looks like I put it on during an earthquake. Practice makes perfect, but until you get your technique down this is the best way for even the shakiest of hands to fake it. These will trick everyone into thinking that a professional makeup artist spent hours on your eyes.

Be prepared for all eyes to be on your eyes. Here's the rundown on my two favorite brands (I really went for it with the rainbow lids, but they offer more subtle versions).

The Product: Violent Eyes in Rainbow Glitteratti, $9.99

The Promise: A simplified glitter lid that stays put for up to sixteen hours. "All product testing was done on supermodels no animals."

The Result: Professional-grade rainbow glitter that literally will not budge no matter how wild your night is. I'll admit that I wasted a couple of strips during my trial period (done on editors, not animals), but it was simple once I got the hang of it.

Use It: If you're going for a glittery "night out" look or if you happen to be starring in a Nicki Minaj video.

Buy It: $9.99 here!

The Product: Rock Beauty Disco Designer Liner, $11.14

The Promise: An instant, expertly applied eyeliner look.

The Result: This one was easier to apply, but it doesn't promise to stay in place as long. Here's a tip: If you're unable to line up the adhesive strip precisely with your lash line feel free to fill in the space with black liner like I did.

Use It: If you're thick eyeliner look isn't so sleek, these stickers are a one-step (impossible to mess up) process.

Buy It: $11.14 here!

Rock Beauty Disco Designer Liner, $11.14

Violent Eyes in Rainbow Glitteratti, $9.99