the fiercest falsies on the market.

    by · April 10, 2013
    When we think of intense lashes, icons like Edie Sedgwick--who would have never left home without hers on--come to mind. But today’s Falsie Face Off isn’t about your average black pairs; brands like Shu Uemura and Illamasqua launced new versions that are a far cry from the ladylike, retro versions we’re used to seeing. They’re furrier, more colorful, and way more fit for a night out in 2013. We tested out the two coolest sets--here are our findings: The Product: Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Rainbow Feather False Eyelashes, $30 The Promise: They’ll “maximize your makeup fantasies” and accentuate your actual lashes. The Result: The fluffiest, furriest lashes you’ve ever seen. It’s a little bit difficult to see properly with these puppies on, but they’re worth it. Be sure to apply the glue with the utmost precision--I used a toothpick--so it doesn’t reach the feathers and create a mess. Use It: If you’re in the mood for something quirky. The Product: Illamasqua False Eyelashes in Medium & Long Length Blue Black, $12 The Promise: They’re handmade lashes meant to give you “eyes that hypnotize.” The Result: Of course I resisted falling into a state of hypnosis, but I loved the dramatic look these ones gave. And they were easier to use than most falsies. Use It: If you’re going for dramatic, but want to keep it sleek. And if you’re not afraid of a little color.
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