perfectly straight hair, sans damage? it’s possible.

by ali hoffman

In middle school, everyone I knew straightened their hair (typically with a Hot Tools). But since then, most of us have turned our backs on the flat iron, with some looking down upon it like they would a spray tan.

And then came the spring 2013 runway shows, and everyone from Rodarte to Michael Kors had us lusting for pin-straight hair and sleek, mess-free pony tails. Not wanting to bust out our decade-old iron or undergo any permanent straightening treatment, we went on a hunt for the latest and the greatest in flat irons.

Here are our findings...

The Product: Jose Eber GlassTech Infrared Glass Flat Iron ($150 here)

The Promise: Attain the sleek, perfectly straight locks, sans all the terrible consequences of typical flat irons.

The Result: Hair that surprisingly felt softer (and not at all fried), and not an ounce of frizz in sight.

Use It: If you don't think you can ever get your hair as perfectly straight as the salon does, this will surprise you.

The Product: Thairapy 365 RED Infrared Glass Flat Iron ($250 here)

The Promise: Uses gentle, "healthy" heat to maintain hair's moisture, while still attaining that ultra-smooth finish.

The Result: Completely straight-hair in record time.

Use It: If you have super curly hair naturally, and need this little extra push to get it crink-free.