What to use when you want to take it all off.

by rebecca willa davis

We spend a lot of time talking about putting makeup on--but what about the end of the day, when you're ready to get rid of the that smokey eye or crimson red lip?

That's where makeup remover comes in, and while we all have a favorite method of removal--some of us in the office swear by wipes, others are obsessed with baby oil--we've been intrigued by a few spring launches that landed on our desks. We tested them out (which meant putting on the most stubborn of mascaras and layers of foundation before attempting to take it all off at 2 a.m.) and came up with the following results:

The Product: Sephora Collection Targeted Eye Remover Swabs - $9

The Promise: Easy--and easy-to-carry--swabs for cleaning up around eyes and lips, with the snap of a formula-filled cotton swab.

The Result: We spy these remover-filled cotton swabs all the time backstage during Fashion Week, but they're nearly impossible to track down if you don't live near a beauty supply store. So Sephora giving them their stamp of approval--not to mention creating a paraben- and fragrance-free formula--means fuss-free pro touch-ups without the help of a pro.

Use It: If you're anal about your winged eyeliner, about to go on a trip, or like to touch-up your makeup throughout the day. Because they're so small, you can throw a few in a baggy and take them just about anywhere.

The Product: Orico Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes - $25

The Promise: An all-in-one remover that also conditions skin.

The Result: Some removers leave our skin greasy, others dried-out; this recent import from London (the all-natural line launched stateside earlier this year) is like the Goldilocks, leaving us feeling just right. As an added bonus, there's an aromatherapy blend of tangerine and orange oils to help decongest and increase circulation, so it gives you a boost even while helping to remove makeup.

Use It: If you only use organic products, need something that can handle your entire face, or have particularly dry and sensitive skin.

Sephora Collection Targeted Eye Remover Swabs - $9

Orico Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes - $25