we test out the newest wands and the results are eye-opening.

by rebecca willa davis

If there's one product that we're constantly using (and, well, abusing) before buying another, it's mascara. Not only for hygienic purposes--seriously, we know someone who got pink eye from a gnarly wand--but also because we're always looking for different things. Sometimes we like to have major volume, while other times we're looking for a little bit of definition. Chunky doll lashes, slightly enhanced all-natural fringe...our mascara demands are constantly fluctuating.

And lucky for us, this spring sees the launch of two new eye-amping products. We tested them out all week, here's your guide to getting your new wand.

The Product: MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash - $16

The Promise: A formula that goes "beyond black" and will keep lashes lifted for up to 16 hours.

The Result: Don't let the skinny little brush fool you--MAC's latest mascara means serious business. Expect a major curl that has your lashes reaching up towards your brows. And yeah, we spent the day running around at work and the night running around from party to party, and didn't even get a single under-eye flake.

Use It: If you won't be stopping back home for a makeup touch-up before heading out--or like your mascara ultra-black.

The Product: Eyeko London Mascara Wardrobe - $28

The Promise: As many options for your eyes as you'd find in your closet--with a 3-in-1 brush kit.

The Result: Think of this as the ultimate mix-and-match mascara; you can either stick with just one (the curvy, curling wand was my favorite) or use all three to build up lashes to va-voom levels.

Use It: If you like to control just how much or how little makeup you're putting on--and don't mind switching wands in and out of the formula tube.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash - $16

Eyeko London Mascara Wardrobe - $28