things are heating up over at gucci and dolce.

by ray siegel

The two biggest perfume launches of the month have a lot in common: They both come in an LBB (little black bottle), they're both extremely seductive, and each one features a major campaign star. Dolce & Gabbana's Desire shows a sultry Scarlett Johansson shot by Terry Richardson, and Gucci Guilty--whose mini-film was shot by Sin City director Frank Miller--stars Evan Rachel Wood. Judging by their names alone, these perumes are both more badass than sweet. But the question is: Are you more of a lily of the valley (Scarlett) or a patchouli (Rachel) kind of girl? After a few spritzes, these were our findings:

The Product:Dolce & Gabbana Desire, $93

The Promise It's seductive, but still feminine.

The Result: Mandarin, lychee, and bergamot balance out the sweeter, more floral side of the fragrance: lily of the valley.

Use It: If you love traditional floral fragrances, but are looking for a new one with a kick.

The Product:Gucci Guilty Black, $75

The Promise It's all about indulging in guilty pleasures.

The Result: It's deeply floral and girly, but the peppery notes give it an edge.

Use It: If you're a sucker for Gucci's trademark patchouli scents.