face off: spray it

one spritz is all you need.

by nylon

When it comes to perfume, hair spray, or bug repellent, how many times have you been told to avoid contact with your face? So, in theory, a face spray might seem counterintuitive. But this week we changed our tune, thanks the arrival of two new face sprays. Check out our findings below and get ready to put your best face forward.

The Product: NYX Matte Shine-Free Makeup Setting Spray ($8)

The Promise: One spray will keep your makeup looking "just-applied" for the whole day.

The Result: Miraculous! Particularly for those of us with oilier skin, this spray will keep your makeup just the way you want it--come rain, humidity, or even after an hour at the gym!

Use It: As a last step when you're getting ready for a night-out--and you won't have to reapply in the dark, dingy bathroom at the bar after hitting the dance floor.

The Product: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Face Mist ($20)

The Promise: One spritz will refresh, soften, and brighten the skin throughout the day. Can also be used atop makeup, to help keep foundation in place.

The Result: You know how you tend to look better in the morning than, say, half-way through the day? Well this little guy is the answer to your mid-day crisis. Plus it boasts a really subtle clean, floral smell that definitely helps cheer us up when needing a pick-me-up come 4pm.

Use It: If you're digging that dewy, fresh-faced look seen on almost every runway this past fashion week.