swap the ring for nail bling.

by ali hoffman

Nail art is at lot like Britney Spears: You're either a lifelong fan or you never understood all the hype to begin with. If you belong in the latter, feel free to stop reading now. But for those of you who (like myself) freak out at the mere rumor of a new crackle/magnetic/minx/shellac/caviar manicure, I've got good news: There's a new player in the nail art game.

Meet the three-dimensional glitter manicure, the latest and arguably most extravagant trend to hit our fingertips. For fall, Nail Rock and Ciaté' both released their own version of the texturized bling. I tested both out this week, and summed up my findings:

The Product: Nail Rock 3D Glister Designer Wraps

The Promise: A party-ready manicure that lasts for the whole week.

The Result: Amazing- so long as you finish it off with a good topcoat!

Use It: If you're looking for something fun and sparkly for night, but don't want to be embarrassed if you forget to remove it before work the next day.

Buy It: $13 here!

The Product: Ciaté's new sequin manicure

The Promise: A way more extravagant sparkle than you can't get with a plain ol' glittery polish.

The Result: New Years Eve on your nails.

Use It: If you're the kind of person who can't get enough sequins- and don't mind spending about an hour on your nails. Don't worry though, the package comes with easy-to-follow directions, and you don't need a perfectly steady hand or crazy painting skills to get an immaculate glitz finish.

Buy It: Coming soon to Sephora!

We test out Ciate's Sequined Manicure!

The result!