bye, coachella. hi, lollapalooza.

by ali hoffman

Fact: Our flight back from Coachella landed at 8am this morning--meaning we still haven't been home yet. But if you think the last thing on our minds is another music festival, you clearly underestimate us.

Come on, guys. It's time to start getting hyped for Lollapalooza! We're only a few months away!

Because we'd hate for you to stay home with a case of FOMO, here's our motivational list to get you pumped for the palooza, no matter what you listen to:

- For those who love genuinely love, genuine gothic rock: Go for The Cure

- If the Pretty in Pink soundtrack makes you melt: Go for New Order

- Do you like to sleep in? Go for The Postal Service

- "I heard that you like the bad girls. Honey, is that true?" Go for Lana Del Rey

- If you live and love according to The Recipe: Go for Kendrick Lamar

Check out the full lineup for Lollapalooza here!