how to nail the ombre manicure…

by liza darwin

Painting all your nails different colors is a practice normally reserved for little kids. Even so, we've been guilty of still doing it now, especially on those days when it's necessary to see all the polish options before settling on just one.

But now we don't even have to feel bad about our polish commitment-phobia, thanks to the new Ombre Shades from The New Black. In fact, the kit is stocked with five gradient hues of pink and blue that are actually intended to be painted on at the same time.

We like it not only because it takes our nail polish ADD to a whole new level, but each of these versatile shades are also pretty enough to be used solo, too. And until the beauty geniuses find a way to invent an ombre lacquer that fades on each and every finger (we're hoping it's only a matter of time), we've got to admit: this is a very pretty alternative.

$22 for a set here.