fake it

blink and you won’t miss it.

by faran krentcil

We test a lot of beauty products in the NYLON office, and most of them are so weak, they don't even make the blog. So when we say you must try something, we really mean it - after all, we go through about 50 beauty products a week in this place.

Our new - but definitely not fleeting - addiction is Maybelline's Falsies mascara, which claims to give the same effect as false eyelashes, without the glue or the hassle.  We tried it, and we swear, it really works.

The mascara is slightly more expensive than Maybelline's Great Lash variety, but we'd say it's worth the $8.50 - especially since the tube is jumbo-sized, and should last you a couple of months.

Of course, we're not the only ones onto this miracle tube, so you might want to get it soon.  Otherwise, as is the case with all cult cosmetics, you might blink and miss it.