Photo via YouTube

Watch A Daughter Totally Own Her Dad In A Beatbox Battle

like father, like daughter

by daniel barna

Since the dawn of YouTube, beatbox videos have been as ubiquitous as local news blooper videos, celebrity early audition videos, and cat-acting-like-human videos. So naturally, it would take a pretty spectaular beatbox video for us to devote our Friday happy hour drinking time to cover something you've probably seen a million times.

Well, this is that video. 

Nicole Paris and her father are both really good at beatboxing. So when they square off against one another in a dining-room table battle for supremacy, fireworks ensue. But it's only when Nicole takes over in the second half that things really take off, and we realize that not only did daughter take after father, she totally blew by him, too. And the best part of the whole thing? Dad's proud face as we watches his daughter's amazing talent in full bloom.

Taking a beating never looked so fun. Watch below.