What Your Favorite Kristen Stewart Performance Says About You

    She’s an enigma shrouded in a mystery wrapped up in an A+ sneer

    by · September 26, 2016

    It’s the rare actor who is given a film retrospective at the age of 26, but Kristen Stewart is anything but ordinary. Since she first caught our attention with her performance in Panic Room, in which Stewart, at just 10 years old, held her own against legendary actors Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker (as well as a scene-chomping, cornrow-sporting Jared Leto), Stewart has consistently surprised and delighted us with her wide-ranging cinematic choices. Her IMDb page is testament to the diversity of her interests and the prodigiousness of her talents and is thus a fascinating peek into what is possible to achieve for an actor who refuses to be typecast.

    That said, Stewart’s approach to choosing roles also means that there really isn’t any one specific type of movie that comes to mind when thinking of a “Kristen Stewart film.” There is no reason to assume that just because someone loves Twilight that they will also appreciate the auteur-driven work that Stewart’s been drawn toward over the last few years. And just because a person responds strongly to the dark, quiet weird loveliness that is Adventureland, it doesn’t mean they will be enthusiastic about Woody Allen’s 1930s period-piece Café Society. Or maybe they will? Both also co-star Jesse Eisenberg, so who’s to say, really?

    Regardless, the thread that ties all the following performances together is Stewart’s gift for inhabiting every role with an innate intelligence and sensibility specific to her. That it is possible to love all these films (yes, even Snow White and the Huntsman—or, at least, Stewart’s part in it) is proof of Stewart’s magnetism and preternatural talents. But also, let’s be honest: Everyone has a favorite version of K. Stew.

    Here then, is a list of all of Stewart’s greatest hits, and what it is that your favorite performance of hers says about you.

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