Illustrated by Jihyang Lim

Your February Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

by christie craft

Move Over, Cupid!

Candy companies, jewelry storefronts, and Hallmark should all be sending out praises to the cosmos this February. Yes, it’s the month of roses, Valentines, and all things Cupid, but February is poised to be a hot one on the romance front, regardless of Saint Valentine’s Day’s yearly arrival.

Love, sex, and a luxurious-yet-assertive boost to many signs’ earnings can be expected as early as February 3, thanks to sensual Venus hooking up with her ancient celestial lover, Mars, in his home sign Aries. This Bonnie and Clyde-style planetary pairing will stay entwined in a passionate embrace all month, influencing nearly every other stellar aspect ahead. The scorching flames of passion from these two planets show no signs of being extinguished, despite a gradual slowdown at month’s end in preparation for Venus’ rare slumber when she travels retrograde in March. Hey, a girl’s gotta sleep sometime!

The headline news this month lies in two dynamic eclipses bookending the month and kicking off a pearl-strand of unusually gentle, favorable eclipses throughout 2017. The series begins with a fiery Lunar Eclipse in Leo the Lion on February 10, fanning the lusty flames of our deepest sense of emotional satisfaction, especially in connection with personal creativity, true love and romance, as well as children and parenthood. Our faith in ourselves and the transcendent power of love and creativity is only deepened as the month continues, culminating in a powerfully optimistic Solar Eclipse in imaginative Pisces on February 26. The last week of the month is ideally set up for initiating a new creative venture or committing to a project employing your most personal—even secret—artistic skills and talents, however that manifests in your life. Don’t waver in your sense of self-assuredness: Personal, private faith in your own power is the only weapon you need.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Some Like it Hot

February is on fire for you, Aries, so where January might’ve left you feeling flat—or just plain baffled—this month offers a do-over. Late last month, Mars, your ruling planet, made himself at home in your sign, and on February 3, Venus will shimmy over to your sign to meet her cosmic lover. This planetary power couple will be dancing cheek-to-cheek to their own sultry tune all month long—and you Rams will reap every last benefit.

Firstly, expect a much-needed (and well-deserved!) swell of self-confidence after the 3rd. Most deliciously, luxurious Venus will ensure you’re feeling more beautiful and desireable than you have in ages. Add assertive Mars’ influence, and you’ve got a powerful-yet-sophisticated surge of ambition and an uncanny ability to manifest anything quickly and easily. You’re incredibly persuasive throughout the month: Your cup runneth over with a self-starting, entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking of launching a new business, freelancing, or expanding existing self-employment? Tackle it in February.

Professional success and wild earning potential inspire new magnetism and act as aphrodisiacs, translating to wildly exciting developments in your love and sex lives. Thanks to Mars’ self-assured nature, you’ll have the courage to pounce, infusing your libido with a new boldness. A dazzling Lunar Eclipse in friendly fire sign Leo illuminates your true love sector while in a tender, loving angle to Jupiter in your 7th House of Commitment on February 10. Anticipate harmony between you and your sweetheart—the cosmic conditions are ideal for leveling up. Exclusivity, cohabitation, and even engagement are all in the stars mid-month. Already married? Baby could make three (or more!), so be vigilant with practicing safe sex through February if you’re not ready for that. It’s not just your potential that’s extra fertile this month!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Secret Treasures

Secrets can be fun, and as soon as Venus, your ruling planet, creeps into your mysterious 12th House of the Subconscious and Unseen on February 3, you’ll finally get a chance to recede into your shadowy private lifefor some mental R&R. There’s a shining possibility you’re already entrenched in a clandestine project employing all of your brilliance, poised to exercise your skills as well as rake in the dough. You’ll need to be patient when it comes to seeing your return of investment, though; since Venus will tour a rare retrograde phase next month, this endeavor is likely to require a long period of incubation and development before it flies. Still, you’re a shoe-in to see its benefit to your bank account and your reputation as a creative wunderkind by early spring—the perfect birthday present!

Domestic life is also on a golden incline this month, thanks to a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10, delivering crucial—possibly financial—support from your family and close friends in finishing an urgent home project. The stars are on your side when it comes to your home life. In fact, you might’ve never expected being so thrilled with the result of your newly feathered nest. If you’ve been worried sick about a relative, this Lunar Eclipse could deliver sunny news of their positive progress that puts your fears and troubles to bed. For the remainder of the month, push yourself to get out of the house—which will be a challenge since it’s so cozy! However, circulating socially will be so worth it: A Solar Eclipse on February 26 in your Friendship Sector promises plenty of fruitful networking opportunities to advance your career as well as your social prowess. Get out there!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Courting Opportunity

You’ve got plenty of celestial aces up your lucky sleeve this month, Gemini, but your greatest assets lie in your friendships. Don’t neglect your social life in February—make sure you allocate plenty of time for fun and canoodling; you won’t be lacking in invitations, so expect your phone to be busier than ever. And it’s not all frivolity, either: Who you meet and mingle with this month is bound to be connected to a powerful network of individuals who can help you realize personal aspirations you’re most passionate about.

On February 10, a massive Lunar Eclipse in super-supportive Leo will be especially advantageous for Twins in the communications and publishing industries (and there are so many of you!), as well as those who make their living in sales. Pay attention to what transpires mid-February: This brilliant Lunar Eclipse will benefit your already-golden negotiation skills, perhaps resulting in a major win in the form of a big cash-out commission, securing a publishing contract, or signing with a renowned agent. Don’t be shy about selling yourself to these bigwig influencers. Gains in your personal life follow in suit, especially for Geminis in committed relationships. You and your partner or S.O. might have been keeping an exciting secret from your family and friends you can no longer hide that’s sure to thrill everyone.

Twins who’ve been stuck in a professional rut will have even more opportunity at the end of the month with yet another massive eclipse—this time, a Solar Eclipse in Pisces—on February 26. You’ll have a rare chance to switch careers or start anew in your field with a different focus, likely one with a global humanitarian goal. The world needs all the help it can get in easing the suffering of others—so don’t hesitate to answer the door to opportunity when she comes knocking.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Moving Mountains

Career gains seem to be the only thing on your mind this month, Cancer, and with good reason. Mars, the assertive red planet, will continue transiting through your 10th House of Achievements and Social Status, giving you the vision as well as the momentum to get shit done to better situate yourself professionally for a bright future. The nectar only sweetens when Venus glides to the top of your chart, joining Mars as the planetary Bonnie to his Clyde, giving you an incandescent glow in the eyes of a big-time V.I.P. Tastemakers and influencers are finally seeing your power, worth, and potential this month. This is no time to be shy or modest—take what’s yours, career-wise, with those crustacean claws, Cancer!

You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your boldness as soon as that massive Lunar Eclipse in Leo hits your earned income sector on February 10. The Eclipse will be in a glorious angle to lucky Jupiter and wise, secure Saturn, practically guaranteeing incredible financial gains. And not just from your work—it seems a family connection may help line your pockets this month, too, so keep an eye out for inheritance or generous gifts from relatives mid-month. Even better, you’ll feel warmly connected to your heritage and deeply appreciated by your immediate family for all your thoughtful efforts in keeping the tribe together.

Opportunities to travel and expand your education with real-life experience move to the forefront once a connective Solar Eclipse in sister water sign Pisces hits on February 26. This is an ideal time to sign up for classes abroad or commit to a new course of study. International travel is definitely in the works—apply for a visa, dual citizenship, or an extended trip overseas is sure to broaden your curious horizons.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Brave New World

As February begins, you might already have your nose stuck in the books or be captive by a course of study, either for business or pleasure. February couldn’t be better situated for advancing your education, pursuing a degree, or going for a prestigious professional license or certificate. Alternatively, you could be spending a lot of time under a mentor, either as an intern, assistant, or apprentice. Either way, the experience will be priceless in moving up the professional ladder in the near future.

Leos involved in communications, publishing, or media may be spending a lot of their waking hours on a major marketing or advertising campaign this month, perhaps with a wide international reach. Opportunity in bettering your career seems to be flowing in from far-off places, likely overseas. And for those Leos who aren’t involved in these industries, it’s very likely that you’ll begin planning an international pleasure trip that will broaden your horizons like never before.

The truly magnificent news is the marvelous Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign on February 10. This fortuitous stellar affair sets up the rest of the month as fertile ground for you to achieve a goal that brings a sunny, new optimism and self-assuredness to your life not felt in a very long time. There are three possibilities where this great fulfillment may fall: In contractual negotiations that will enhance your work tenfold, in your love life, or with the realization of a creative endeavor you’re passionate about. Either way, what materializes now will have a lasting positive impact on your mental state and emotional well being that’s been sorely lacking in your life. You’re powerfully helming the direction with significant, new decisions to change your life and worldview for the better. There’s no sign in the zodiac quite as lucky as you this month, Leo.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Toast of the Town

Financially, you’re off to the races as early as February 3, with the arrival of a significant—and vibrant!—development in your money situation, thanks to luxuriant, money-minded Venus making her rounds with assertive Mars. Expect to receive a large bonus, royalty, or commission check within days of this date. Or, you may decide to get smart about where you’re putting your funds and make an investment with very lucrative returns. Committed Virgos might not see this big boost personally, rather, it may come from a partner or mate’s good fortune in the form of a raise, inheritance, or legal settlement that will benefit the both of you as well as your household. Don’t fret—it’s all positive, Virgo!

On February 10, a colossal Lunar Eclipse in fiery Leo could act as the celestial midwife in birthing a creative endeavor you’re deeply passionate about; one you’ve kept secret for weeks, perhaps even months. This venture is perfectly poised to further help your financial situation, but even in the rare (and unlikely) chance that it doesn’t increase your cash flow, the project will be incredibly rewarding. All those compliments on your sheer talent and vision will foster new health in your self-confidence, sending you over the moon with joy.

The real sizzle in the steak won’t happen until the end of the month when a glittering Solar Eclipse in ultra-compatible Pisces leads you to an open plane of endless opportunity in your partnership sector. Professionally, you could make a powerful new business alliance or cash in on a fabulously generous client. Your personal life, however, will sparkle the brightest. Commitments made—or existing relationships deepened—in a romantic sense will be imaginative and inspiring to you on a level you’ve never been able to reach. Power couple would be an understatement, dear Virgo—you two will be the aspiration on everyone’s lips. The true toast of the town!

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Pure, Simple Satisfaction

Late last month, action-oriented Mars moved into your partnership sector, sending shockwaves to a close relationship or personal partnership. On February 3, Mars’ planetary partner in crime, Venus—which happens to be your ruling planet—will join her cosmic lover in that same area of your chart, stimulating and shaking up that relationship further. Don’t worry so much—these events are poised to be as peaceful as your sign is, simply working as a catalyst to help make vital changes to your relationship’s weak spots. Where Mars might’ve agitated, Venus will bring soothing reconciliation. Lasting changes will require honesty and courage, perhaps some meditative time alone, but you’ve got what it takes to exact some healing (and exciting!) shifts to your love life and business partnerships, Libra.

An extraordinary Lunar Eclipse in simpatico sign Leo on February 10 in your friendship sector will deliver something thrilling to your social life you’ll really want to crow about. Anticipate stunningly positive news from a close friend, perhaps something that will help you realize a private dream or goal that’s stoked your heart’s passion for ages. Regardless of what materializes, the theme of this Lunar Eclipse is fulfillment for your sign, Libra. Pure and simple satisfaction.

The month ends on a health-conscious note when a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26 compels you to take your physical well-being more seriously. The last days of February are ideal for hiring a personal trainer, seeing a nutritionist, naturopath, or simply committing to a more regular fitness routine. Month’s end is also perfect for sending out resumes and making professional introductions. So, if you’re looking to make a career change in 2017, hop to it now!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Whatever You Want

Professional life becomes far more serious and streamlined for you this month, Scorp. Your work will hold a more proud, meaningful place in your life than it has in ages—perhaps more so than ever before. Self-employed Scorpios riding a fierce, assertive streak could begin crusading down new inroads in pursuit of a more lush cash flow. Sure, you’ll be successful in all that you do for money, but you’ll also let your heart sing by tackling diverse assignments that truly utilize your many sparkling talents. Finally, you’ll feel that you’re employing your most soulful skills to their greatest—and most spiritual—potential in your work life.

Your career status is indeed on the rise and set to climax on or around the Lunar Eclipse in intense Leo on February 10. Since this eclipse will be shining at the top of your chart, you are poised to receive some public prestige and recognition, perhaps in the form of accolades or celebrity. Watch what happens mid-month: It’s very possible you’ll finally achieve the pinnacle of your professional goals.

With all these passions stoked, it’s no surprise that a romance or sexy affair with a coworker becomes more likely in February. This exhilarating but likely clandestine connection has probably been brewing for at least a few weeks or more as a result of an indelible chemistry. If you haven’t acted on this impulse yet, that fiery Lunar Eclipse on the 10th will push your attraction—and libidos—over the edge. Shockingly, you’ve got the green light to explore the smoldering potential. A Solar Eclipse in imaginative and compatible Pisces bookends your romance on February 26 in your true love sector, indicating that the L-word is hotly brewing and bubbling under your sign’s icy surface. Scorpios already in loving, committed relationships may decide to become engaged at this time or have a child. Alternatively, you could simply dive head-first into a creative endeavor that inspires you to feel as though you’re following your soul’s path.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Cupid’s Deadshot

Love and sex are heating up your personal life to a boiling point this February, Sag. Late last month, Mars charged into your 5th House of Romance for the first time in two whole years, and on February 3, Venus, Mars’ planetary “other half,” will join him in a harmonious union. Passions are hot as all getout for all Sagittarii—committed Centaurs are in for some of the best sex you’ve had with your partner or S.O.—but you single Sags have the most opportunity for meeting someone new and exciting. Don’t be surprised if you’re head-over-heels in love with a new sweetheart by the end of the month; these aspects make Cupid deadly accurate with his arrows!

A fiery Lunar Eclipse in friendly Leo will fall in your ruling house—the 9th House of Philosophical Thought—on February 10, delivering delightful news regarding educational pursuits. Alternatively, if you’re in the communications or media industries, this lunation promises exciting developments in your professional field. A Solar Eclipse in Pisces rounds out a full month, bringing your attentions back to your domestic life on February 26. Anticipate sunny news from a relative that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Even better, your home will be awash with renewed tranquility, significant for you and whomever you live with. Kick up your feet and enjoy the calm, Sag—you deserve it!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): A Family Affair

February’s focus is squarely set on your family, Cap. You’re making progress in rejoining with your tribe, and perhaps introducing a new partner or S.O. to your relatives. At home, you’ve been working on projects to feather your nest nicely, and those are seeing great headway, too. After lovely and peaceful Venus makes her transit into your 4th House of Domestic Life, any tension within your family will be easily neutralized. You’ll also find more agreeable methods of finishing that household renovation or revamp, likely having to do with a revised budget.

On February 10, a big, bold Lunar Eclipse in fiery Leo is set to deliver some gratifying financial news. If you’ve applied for a loan or mortgage recently—especially if you’re hoping to launch a new business this year or throw your hat into the real-estate game—you’ll likely be pleased with what you hear from the bank or lender around this date. Alternatively, you could pay off a large debt once and for all, like a student loan or credit card bill.

Capricorns in the communications and publishing industries are poised to begin meaningful new endeavors in their field at month’s end, thanks to a brilliant Solar Eclipse in simpatico Pisces on February 26. Whatever you’re working on, your words will carry a vital, inspirational message—either in a book deal, a new blog, or public speech. Around this date, you’re likely to hear sunny news from a sibling or close relative around your age. And get the welcome wagon ready: A new neighbor may just move in who becomes a close friend.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Weight of Words

Words carry weight for your sign this month, Aquarius. Negotiations, serious conversations, and contractual dealings that you’ve been avoiding can finally be addressed after February 3, thanks to Venus backing you up with pleasure and harmony in all your work. Your mental confidence will be at its pinnacle, so you won’t be mincing any words or second guessing your statements now. One warning: Be wary of promising more than you can deliver in your fugue of inspiration and excitement. If you find that you’ve said too much, be vigilant in correcting yourself quickly to manage expectations without sacrificing your reputation.

The tides are turning in your personal partnerships this month, too, reaching a critical crossroads near the powerful Lunar Eclipse in your polar-opposite sign Leo on February 10. Don’t fret, though: This appears to be a happy shift in your relationship, resulting in a favorable, mutually fulfilling change. Likely, a major life decision will be made as a union around this date, deepening your bond and turning your gaze optimistically to the future together.

Income-wise, the end of the month is especially bright, thanks to a brilliant Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26 cultivating a new method of increasing regular cash flow. You could use your verbal persuasion to request a raise, or entrepreneurial Aquarians may decide (rightfully) to charge more and raise their base rates for goods and services. Faith in your sterling talents and golden skill set will be crucial in your new endeavors.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Critical Groundwork

Personal and financial development are the only items on your list deemed worthy of your regular attention this month, Pisces. And understandably so: Mounting bills and expenses have been haunting you for the last months, but luckily you’ll begin to see substantial improvements in your income as early as February 3. Any success you have will be directly related to fearlessness in augmenting your income—especially for entrepreneurs. Trying new things without worrying about failing is the ticket to ride this month for you Fishies.

Freelance and side work will be especially lucrative this month. If you’ve already had your nose to the grindstone with freelancing, it’s probable that the project you’ve been working on will be completed near the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10, to great fanfare. This venture is poised to be the feather in your professional cap, not least because it has smartly employed so many of your hidden talents and creative skills. This lunation may also mark the triumphant end to a taxing health situation you’ve been battling, leaving you mended and newly invigorated.

Just after the sun triumphantly moves into your sign marking the beginning of your birthday season, a magnificent Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26 delivers a spiritual clean slate and a personal new year. The year ahead is like wet clay—you can sculpt it as you wish, limited only by your own mind and vision. Not to worry, as the sign ruling imagination and dreams, you’ll cook up something fabulous. The world is your oyster!