dear sally

    by · May 14, 2013
    There were two types of teenagers in the ’90s: Those who watched Dawson’s Creek and those who watched Felicity---or the culture mavens who watched both (guilty as charged). For those who prayed to the curly-haired god of Felicity Porter, you likely spent a good portion of your pre-collegiate years fantasizing about college in the Big Apple. You watched every episode with a certainty that this was what college was like. You knew in your heart of hearts whether or not she belonged with Ben or Noel. Perhaps you even submitted a job application to Dean & DeLuca (or the equivalent inn your local town), Maybe you even spent hours talking not a recorder to a unknown woman named “Sally.” And you certainly had a strong opinion about that infamous haircut. Either which way, this one is for you: In celebration of this week’s DVD release of Felicity: Season Three and Felicity: Season Four we’re giving our number one collegiate the full Private Icon treatment.
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