7 Inspiring Women Who Ran For President (Before Hillary)

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    by · March 12, 2016

    As the race for the ballot between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the 2016 presidential election gets closer and closer, we have to pause and once more consider (in spite of any personal political leanings): Could 2017 be the year that a woman takes oath for the presidency of the United States for the first time ever?

    Such an occurance is well within the bounds of reality today, but that’s not to say that women haven’t tried to run for president before. Even before the Nineteenth Amendment was passed in 1919, giving white women the right to vote, there were still female candidates who tried their hardest to get into the Oval Office by advocating for women’s suffrage, welfare, and equal pay for equal work. (Not to mention all the other causes and agendas that may not have been on the radars of the straight white men who held not only presidential seats, but also the vast majority of seats in Congress.) And although no woman has completely shattered the glass ceiling to get to the presidency yet, so many women have created punctures, fissures, and cracks in it by holding positions in the House and Senate, fighting to make their voices heard by supporting progressive bills, and keeping on keeping on as activists throughout their lives.

    Even before Hillary Clinton reached this milestone for women, there were others who trailblazed and took their fair shots at getting into the West Wing. These seven female politicians are inspiring in their own right.

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