The National Lean and Femme Heartbeat

our 5 favorite new songs of the week, all in one place!

by nylon

Femme - "Heartbeat"

Every visual in Femme's slick vintage fisheye video for "Heartbeat" is over-the-top in the best way, from the overripe fruit and flower still lifes to the piles of gold coins to the U.K. electro artist's massive gold hoop earrings to the shots of ladies in slips lounging on a bed draped in hot-pink silk. Even the percussive "heartbeat" of the song vibrates outward, forming sonic pond rings around each stomp. Oh, and did we mention Femme's pale-pink pixie plus coral lip combo? Kind of obsessed. MELISSA GIANNINI

The National - "Lean"

If you're like me, shamelessly watching movies without reading the books (I'll get to it...eventually), that means Catching Fire spoilers are not appreciated. But a soundtrack sneak peek? Now that's something I can get behind. Especially when it's the latest tune from Brooklyn-based indie-rockers The National. The song's dark lyrics and faint, somber guitar strums are something Hunger Games-related that doesn't make me put my hands over my ears and scream "not listening!" BANU IBRAHIM

Blood Orange - "You're Not Good Enough"

The latest track to be premiered off of Blood Orange's Cupid Deluxe is this perfect storm of funky synth and whirling vocals that evoke the cast of Pretty in Pink dancing to Prince in an '80s discotheque. BI

Duologue - "Talk Shop"

Duologue tapped an old school buddy to play the role of a solo partier getting increasingly drunk and festive at a Mexican restaurant alongside the building intensity of the London quintet's spicy electro scorcher "Talk Shop." MG

Diane Coffee - "Gov T"

Former Disney voice actor Shaun Fleming (a.k.a. Diane Coffee) conjures an anxiety-fueled, sunshine-drenched motorcycle ride through the late-'60s California desert in this new winding time-traveler of a track. MG