film fest: cult fave

what is your favorite cult movie?

by nylon

All month long, we've been celebrating our Young Hollywood issue with some old Hollywood favorites--that is, coming up with lists of our favorite movies, from the best films about besties to the ones with the most amazing style. And now that May is winding down, we've reached the ultimate round: What is your all-time favorite cult movie?

That is, the movie that maybe wasn't a blockbuster, but you couldn't live without. You know, the ones that you can recite every single line, from opening to closing credits. That you've probably used as fodder for Halloween dress-up.

That, yeah, you just might have a poster of hanging up in your teenage bedroom. We asked for your nominations yesterday, and today--through the weekened--you get to vote for your favorite. The poll is open until Monday, June 3 at 12 am PST, so get your pick in and then have your friends vote too.

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